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Mini Hanger + Planter

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$68.00 $72.00

Growing succulents or small trailing plants? Give them the love and attention they deserve with our mini hanging planter! By your desk, in the kitchen, living room, and even bathroom - plants have such a transformative effect, and hanging them in our mini ensures they are appreciated from eye level.

Our planters all have proper drainage and a separate no-drip water dish allowing you to water your plants while they’re hanging. They also feature a smart self-watering system to help your plants thrive. Hang yours in minutes with the hardware we provide and get ready to show it off!

Size: Hook length: 5.5” (14 cm) Diameter: 1.1” (2.8 cm) Rope length: approximately 14” (36 cm)
Mounting: Our hardware is not for drywall; if mounting on drywall make sure to secure it into a stud.
Features: oak hook, vegan leather plant sling, self-watering planter, watering wick, and mounting hardware

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