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Loop Living Planters

Our goal is to inspire you in your plant growing journey
with smart, thoughtful, and beautiful botanical wares.

Loop Living Planters


I started Loop Living while creating a first home for my new family. I had recently had our first child, we were living in a small caravan, and I wanted to create a sense of space and feeling of belonging even though our house was tiny.


After a couple of years of successfully designing and making home decor, I wanted to start incorporating plants into our now larger home. I saw them as beautiful accessories that would add life to our house. But after killing many, I was beginning to learn that plants were not mere accessories but living breathing beings with their own language. This led me to start designing smart pieces that not only showcase your plants beauty, but also help them thrive. It also let me to my newfound passion - growing plants as a way to breathe life into your home and create an oasis for you to live in.

Loop Living Planters