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Build Your Own Planter Kit

Create your perfect plant combo! Choose between 2 hanging types,  4 thread colors, and your favorite pot to create your perfect plant combo.

The best self-watering planters

When should I water my plant? How much water should I use when watering an indoor plant? What is overwatering? And how do I keep my indoor plants alive?

With our self-watering indoor planters you won’t have to worry about any of that!

What makes these planters so good for your indoor plants? We put them on a pedestal. Literally.

How self-watering planters work

The pedestal at the bottom of each of our planters is actually a water dish that saves all excess water and completely separates it from your plants roots. This way, you don’t have to worry about root rot, the number one reason for plants dying.

All of our indoor planters come with a self-watering wick. Plant the wick directly in the soil with the tip going through the drainage hole and into the water reservoir.

Once the soil dries, the self-watering meachnism will draw water through the wick and your plant will “drink” as much as it needs to.

Not sure when to water? Keep water in the reservoir at all times and watch your plants thrive!

How to use our self-watering planters