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About Loop Living

Our goal is to inspire you in your plant growing journey with smart, thoughtful, and beautiful botanical wares.

Hi, I’m Eli

I first discovered how much I loved adding a pop of life into my decor while designing my family’s first tiny apartment.

I got so excited after adding one tiny plant to my kitchen window, so I started bringing more and more home.

But I wasn’t born with a green thumb and quickly found out that accessorizing my house with plants wasn’t the same as adding more throw pillows to my couch.  Needless to say, I killed a lot of plants.

After learning the hard way just how sensitive they could be, I set out to learn the ins and outs of growing lush indoor gardens. I quickly discovered that most of the plant pots on the market were setting me up for failure.

Planters that do all the hard work for you.

I embarked on my plant growing journey and set out to design planters that helped plants thrive—and still looked amazing in my home. Inspired by my new hobby, I began designing products that made growing indoor plants effortless for everyone.

Three years, countless late nights, some major fumbles and over 700 reviews later, I turned my studio-sized decor business into a thriving company that ships planters and plant accessories to people and shops around the world. 

I am so grateful that together with my amazing team, Iget to spend my days helping people around the world transform their homes into a beautiful oasis, so that everyone—green thumb or not—can feel connected to nature and happy in their space. 

Meet the Team

Elisheva Manekin

Owner & Founder

Esther Anolik


Shira Rosen


Tamar Hollander


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