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About Loop Design

About Loop Living

We believe home is an intentional space.
By designing and crafting beautiful homeware from timeless materials, we help you create a trues sense of space to feel at home in.
We mix natural textures with minimalist forms, so you can create warm and inviting interiors that are uncluttered and fresh.
Our designs are cool, collected, and simple - perfect for the Modern Essentialist.







About Elisheva Manekin

About The Founder

An industrial designer with a passion for interiors, Elisheva Manekin started Loop Living with a dream of creating beautiful homeware for people who loved to be at home as much as she did.

That strong sense of space is the direct outcome of the unusual way she brought up, moving houses, cities, and continents every other year, and the consistent feeling of home her mother kept regardless of how long their stay would be.
Her greatest inspirations include everyday life and the challenges they provide, her Mediterranean culture that favours large gatherings, preferably around the dinner table, and from where she currently lives with her husband and three children, a small town in the south of Israel surrounded by olive trees and vineyards for miles.

Our Story

See where we design and craft our collection, what inspired us, and where our ideas come from.