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Wall Hooks 3" - Set of Three

Our new Wall Hooks are a bit shorter, making them perfect for small spaces like behind a door. They are strong enough to hold coats and heavy bags, and their length means your hats will stay flush with the wall and not point out.
The set includes three hooks in either white, shades of blue, or shades of brown. 

• We supply screws and anchors along with an easy to follow mounting video.
• The hardware we use is designed for hard walls (brick, concrete, etc). While customers have mounted these successfully on drywall in the past, it's not the designated use for the anchors we supply.
• Size: length: 3" // diameter: 1.1" (7.5cm // 2.8cm )
• Hooks protrude 2.5" (6cm) from the wall
• Material: oak wood, metal screw, plastic wall anchor


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with our handcrafted wall hooks you can easily organize your entryway, bedroom or kids room


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