Plant Pots

Ella Mini Planter


Our mini planter Ella is perfect as a succulent or cactus planter. Made of lightweight aluminum, it has a pot + separate saucer for excess water. Caring for low water plants like succulents and cacti is super easy and cute with these as they don't tolerate overwatering and need all water separated from their roots.

If you'd like to purchase these with a matching mini hanger click here. 

Like all of our planter designs, it features a simple self watering mechanism - a cord runs through the irrigation hole into the saucer where you can keep a water reservoir. Once the soil dries the excess water goes back into the soil through the cord, kind of like a straw. 

Material: Hand crafted from lightweight aluminum
Size: Planter: Diameter: 3.9" (10cm) Height: 3.5" 
Includes: planter, saucer, and chord for self watering from excess water

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