Hanging Planters

Mini Hanger + Planter


Meet our newest hanging planter - the mini version! These planters are perfect for smaller trailing plants like String of Pearls, but would look amazing with succulents as well. They make the perfect addition to a gallery wall, or you can hang a couple to really bring your walls to life.

You can now choose the shape of your planter - either Ella the round planter or Maia our cylinder planter- to match your mini hanger and favorite baby plant. 

As always, our planters have an irrigation hole and separate saucer for excess water. They feature a self watering mechanism making it easier than ever to keep your plants alive and thriving.
Each planter comes with a matching handcrafted wood plant hook made of solid Oak and four different vegan leather cord colors to choose from.
Mounting is easy, watch the video below.

Material: Hand crafted from lightweight aluminum, vegan leather, and Oak
Size: Planter: Diameter: 3.9" (10cm) Height: 3.5" (9cm) Hook: Diameter: 1.1" (2.8cm), Length: 4.7" (12cm)
Includes: planter, saucer, and chord for self watering from excess water, Hook, and all mounting hardware
Hardware included if suitable for hard walls, not drywall.
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