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Plant-Lover Gift Set


Ask any plant-lover what to buy them and the answer will be - more plants!

Our handcrafted propagation gift set will grant that wish by helping them multiply their plants, and just in time for the holidays.

Here's what's included:
- Our signature propagation cone that turns every simple glass into a stunning propagation station
- A pair of metal plant shears
- A clear glass
- A four-page illustrated propagation guide put together by plant expert @themodernmonstera

Place the cone over the glass, use the sheers to take a cutting from your plant or a friend's, and add water. In just a few weeks your cutting will grow roots and like magic, you have a new plant to pot!

With four different cone colors to choose from and endless plants to root, this handcrafted set is the gift that keeps on giving.

Size: Diameter 3.9"  (10cm) Height: 1.1" (3cm)
Material: Aluminum
Handcrafted and finished in our studio with love and attention to detail


Loop Living Harehavim 7 Jerusalem Israel