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Peg Shelf Brackets


  • Love our peg shelves but need a different length or wood for your shelf? You can purchase just the peg brackets and buy your shelf locally.

    We'll send you a pair of pegs and the mounting hardware you need to hang it. Two pegs can hold a shelf that's 27.5" (70 cm) long, so if your shelf is longer buy more than one set.

    If you'd like to purchase the pegs along with a shelf, click here

    • You receive two pegs and mounting hardware.
    • Pegs Size: 5.5" wide (14 cm) and 1.1" (28mm) in diameter
    • Shelves + items on shelves should not exceed 18lbs (8kg)
    • We supply screws and anchors suitable for hard walls. If mounting on drywall secure them to a stud. 
    Loop Living Harehavim 7 Jerusalem Israel