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Tips for Keeping Your Succulents Alive (And Thriving)

Tips for Keeping Your Succulents Alive (And Thriving)

When someone looks for an easy house plant to grow, most people automatically recommend succulents, the "ultimate plants for beginners". These strikingly beautiful plants need very little water and are resilient, so what could go wrong?

Turn out - quite a lot! 

If you’ve ever had a hard time growing succulents and feel a bit defeated, it's ok! While it might not be as simple as you've been promised, it can be easy - once you know how. 

Here are three tips for keeping your succulents happy and thriving:)

Our Oak tray is a great place to display small succulents

1. Know your plants natural habitat

You always want to know about a plant’s natural surroundings, so you can mimic what they received in nature in your home. Most succulents come from dry areas like deserts and are used to receiving very little water compared to other plants. Just look at those thick leaves - all full of water:)

To make them feel at home, make sure to water them a lot less than you would water other plants. You can look to their leaves to know when they need watering - they will look a bit shriveled. Not sure? Stick your finger deep into the soil and check to see that is completely dry. Brown or yellow spots on the leaves mean you've watered them too much.


how to grow succulents
Cacti is actually a type of succulent, find our mini planters here

2. Where should you place them?

Easy to care for does not equal low light! That's a common mistake, and one you won't want to make. Remember we talked about their natural habitat? So many come from the desert! And while some succulents can also flourish in a place with indirect sunlight they still need to be placed in a bright spot like a windowsill or in a bright sunlit room.


Try our mini hanging planter for cacti, they look so cute in here!

3. How should you water them?

Succulents don't like having drops of water on their leaves, so I like watering them from below. I pour water into a bowl and place the planter with the succulent in that bowl.  The plant will drink through its irrigation hole (of course our planters have an irrigation hole!) and you can watch the water in the bowl slowly go down. That way their roots get all the water they need and the rest of the water stays in the bowl. Just don't forget them there!


A couple of succulents really make a workspace pop!

4. Bonus! What soil should you plant them in?

Because succulents are so prone to root rot from excess water, you will want to plant them in soil mixed with perlite, or with a cacti soil mix you can buy at your nursery. This kind of soil has bits and pieces mixed in them which leave the soil pockets of air. That will ensure the soil dries quickly, which is better for this plant.

Good luck and let us know how it goes on Instagram @loopliving 


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How to not kill your plants while practicing social distancing

How to not kill your plants while practicing social distancing

First off, I hope wherever you are you are safe and healthy. 

Given the circumstances, a lot of us are spending most of our time confined in our homes.
I haven't been outside of the house in 10 days (!!!!).
If you're feeling restless, you might find yourself giving your plants a little too much attention and a little too much love. What do I mean by that?
For a lot of us, caring for plants = watering them.
But watering plants more than what they actually need will 100% result in killing them.
So I've made a list of 3 ways to care for your plants that will definitely not kill them - they will help them thrive! They will also calm you down, and help you stay grounded and present. Sound good? Lets dive in!

1. Remove dead leaves

Plant care tips

Dead leaves are completely normal. It doesn't mean your plant is dying, no need to feel like a failure. Some leaves die and that's ok. But you should definitely remove them as they "suck" energy from the plant who is still trying to care for them. No need for that, right? Removing them will shift the plants energy to maintaining the living leaves and growing new ones.
How do you remove them? If they are dry and crumbly I do it with my hand, but it's best to use sharp scissors and cut them from the stem. 

2. Dust those leaves

Plant care tips

This one is great for quarantine b/c it takes a while and you never get around to it - until now:) If you remember anything from fourth grade science I hope it's Photosynthesis. Plants take in light through their leaves. They need to breathe. If they are full of dust - it's really hard for them to do that. Dusting them off isn't just for show (even though bright shiny leaves are a lot lovelier), it really helps them.
How to dust leaves: I take a clean rag with water and hold the back of the leaf against my hand. Then I clean the front of the leaf making sure to be really careful not to rip them. Some people use mixtures with Apple Cider vinegar but I've never tried so I can't recommend it (yet!).

3. Rotate!

plant care tips

Plants naturally lean towards the sun. If you have one source of light in a room, say a big window like me, You'll soon find your plants are lopsided, growing towards the sun all tilty and weird. It's best to rotate them from time to time to make sure they are getting equal sun. This is especially true for leaves with pattern (variegated) like the Pothos in the photo above. Can you see how the top leaves that have been away from the sun are completely green with no white? That will change now that they get some sun.

How to rotate: You don't need me for that, just turn them around:)

I hope you find some comfort in your plants during these strange times, I know I do.
Stay safe and stay home!



Found this blog post helpful? Share it with your plant growing friends!


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The Easiest Cascading Ivy Plant To Grow At Home

The Easiest Cascading Ivy Plant To Grow At Home

The easiest plant to grow that even you won't kill.
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How we make our Wall Hooks

How we make our Wall Hooks

 Discover how we make our bestselling Wall Hooks.
Seeing how a plain piece of wood transforms into a beautiful, hardworking wall hook can be a magical process that I think you'll love.
Beautiful Oak in it's raw and minimal form and just a touch of paint in your choice of colors will help you organize your home beautifully.

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Studio Update

Studio Update

I've always liked seeing what creating things (not just our designs!) actually looks like. My favorite work days are the ones where I visit manufacturers and see how things are made. Knowing each sketch, model, and finished product are a series of difficult decisions, and seeing how much hard work and dedication to detail go into every phase of the work is really inspiring.

Today I'm sharing some of our design processes and what we've been up to lately.

Normally I would make sure everything was super edited and looked amazing - but that's not the reality of our studio and workshop. Here's what things actually look like in a product design studio, I hope you find it interesting!

This past month we've been trying to get three designs finished so we can manufacture and launch them and get them in your hands. I am so excited about these pieces, I can't wait to see what you all think!

The designs we're working on are new Animal Wall Hooks, The Perfect Planter, and a Tabletop Photo Frame.

Animal Wall Hooks

Loop Living Studio

To create the perfect face, I've recruited my good friend and talented illustrator, Michal of Micush. We sketched every different shape of eye possible, only to realize that a simple nose creates the nicest and sweetest outcome. That's minimal design for you - Making it seem easy is the most difficult part! 

Next we got a custom heat stamp made of our 'nose' graphic. Burning it into the wood spheres is so rewarding. It needs to be done very carefully as to no scorch the surface, and patience is key. Then end result is exactly as I imagined - sweet, heartwarming, and fully functional.

Loop Living Wall Hooks

I couldn't wait to hang these in my daughters room - usually a sign of a good design. These will launch really soon and we have some great things planed for Facebook and Instagram to celebrate, make sure you're following us!

The Perfect Planter

You know I love houseplants and designing for them. The planter I'm designing will look great on it's own but will also fit our Plant Hanger perfectly. Here's a little video I took of me sketching the shape:

We've still got to choose colors and finalize production, but hopefully it won't be long now.

Tabletop Photo Frame

We're currently modeling our Tabletop Photo Frame, trying to work out the smartest most efficient way to produce it, but I'm going to leave that one as a surprise:)


The last thing we've been busy with is finding a replacement for Elena, our production manager. She's expecting her baby in September and it seems like nothing will slow that down, not even my deep fear of replacing her 😱😂

Here's a peek to what our current packaging station where Elena packs your orders. We're actually redesigning all of our packaging materials as well, we'll share everything when it's ready.

Loop Living Studio

Loop Living Studio

I saved the prettiest photo for last - our Peg Shelf display snapped as the sun was setting outside. I love the shadow play and how golden everything looks.

Loop Living Studio


 I hope you liked our behind the scenes post, let me know if you'd like to see more of these in the comments!

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Real Homes

Real Homes

Real Homes

The term "Home Essentials" means different things to different people. For me, plants are definitely essentials, as are pretty storage solutions, and lots of space for guests.

For others, it may be family photos or heirlooms.

I thought I'd start a monthly blog series to explore what "home" means to different people, and what they feel is essential in their homes.

To kick off the series, I visited my good friend Avigail Reiner in Tel Aviv where she shares a 76-meter (800 square ft) apartment with her husband and business partner Shlomi Nahamni and their two young children.


Modern sunny home in Tel Aviv


Shlomi and Avigail’s studio works with artist and museums as well as commercial brands. They're both lecturers at Shenkar Design College, and Shlomi also makes fine art prints (You can see his work around their house, along with gifts from some well-known artists that are clients who have become friends).

They have been living in this apartment for three years, in a neighborhood called Yad Eliyahu in Tel Aviv.

What I love about their house is all the little curiosities on display. Each memento has a story to tell and is carefully displayed without being overbearing or cluttered by using a grid-like display concept on shelves and surfaces. Other surfaces are kept completely empty creating a nice balance.

This sentimental approach to design is something that I was always drawn to, even before I could name it.  Ever since I've known Avigail (we were 14 when we first met) she has found meaning in little pieces of paper or old letters, books, or piles of Seventeen Magazine in her childhood room.

Another thing I love about their house is the smart use of industrial storage units that are functional as well as versatile. The unit in their children's room, for instance, has been used as a daybed, a toddler bed, and now as an art table.

I also love how without knowing who lives here you can get a keen sense of their personalities - intellectual, artful, and sentimental.


Modern sun filled home in Tel Aviv

The wood credenza belonged to the original owners. The bookshelf was designed by Romy Silber, who also designed the apartment. Shlomi’s prints rest against the wall; a large basket holds newspapers, and one of their many block letters is on display by an old clock.


Modern kitchen in Tel Aviv

Bookshelf Styling

The small apartment is airy and bright, thanks to the many windows and use of light colors. Knick-knacks are kept on shelves and side tables, which keeps the home from feeling cluttered. In these two cupboards wood animals, ceramic candle holders (a gift from me, this was a limited edition design of mine), and tiny boxes are all displayed in a grid-like manner. Above the shelves is art by Renown Israeli artist Tsibi Geva that was gifted to them as well as and pieces by Moshe Gershon.


Black and white art

More of Shlomis prints hanging on the wall in their entryway

living room vignette

Avigail was kind enough to answer some of my questions:

What’s the first thing you do when you walk into your home?

The first thing I do is put down my keys in a cupboard that we like to call the “Aron Kodesh” (the “Holy Ark” where Torah scrolls are kept in synagogue), put our shoes in a large basket, and turn on the air conditioner because it’s so hot in Tel Aviv!


modern home in Tel Aviv

What does “home” mean to you?

A physical place. A starting point. A place to aspire to, but also to distance yourself from and evolve to new directions.


Pretty display in a Tel Aviv home

Tell me a story behind an interesting object?

This Alef (the letter A in the Hebrew alphabet) is a slice of a longer Alef that was printed in 3D and displayed at a typographical exhibit we took part in. We each got to take a piece home with us.


Hebrew Letter Alef

What do you love most about your home? What would you change?

I love how even though it’s a very small apartment there are a lot of public spaces and how much storage space we have. I would have liked an outdoor space or a balcony.


Bright and modern childrens room in Tel Aviv

Bright and modern kids room in Tel Aviv

What would you list as your "home essentials" - the things that make your house a home?

For me it would be meaningful objects. My grandmother’s table which we use in our kitchen, the wood credenza that belonged to the original owners of our house, and our bookshelf that holds all our books - our most meaningful collection.


Home Tour - a graphic designers home in Tel Aviv

I hope you enjoyed this interview, thank you Avigail for having me!

 Drag the white arrows to find out where each piece is from:)

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Interiors Inspired By Your Personal Paradise

Interiors Inspired By Your Personal Paradise

Three Rooms Inspired By The Perfect Getaway

The other night my eight year old son couldn't fall asleep. What started as a minor hiccup, quickly escalated into panic. "What if I never fall asleep!?" he asked. Then came the tears.

Watching him spiral I couldn't help but identify - I have felt like that so many times. Without much thought I told him to close his eyes and think of a place that calms him down, and imagine himself there. Maybe the beach, or an open field - anywhere that he feels safe and happy. Then just breathe slowly.

Five minutes later he was sound asleep:)

We all have a place like that. Maybe it's somewhere we've actually been, maybe from a photo that we've seen. For some of us it's a quiet space, for some bustling and busy. 

While closing your eyes and imagining happy places has its perks, what if you could design your home with these happy spaces as inspiration? That way some of those calm and happy feelings would act like a gentle undertow, reminding you of what makes you happy and peaceful.

So come take a quick vacation with us, and hopefully some of that holiday glow will rub off and come back home with you.

countryside inspiration

Clockwise from left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4


A Scandinavian take on country, this look is relaxed and bright, perfect for an entryway or sunroom. Fresh flowers and natural materials keep it warm, minimalist forms help you steer away from the more traditional and often heavy "country" design concept.

Create The Look:

Modern staples like the Wishbone Chair paired a HAY lounge chair and a simple table from Ikea keep the lines modern and clean. A wildflower arrangement set on an Oak tray and a blush pendant lamp by Muuto adds a pop of pink that is also echoed in the handles of a felt storage basket.


Clockwise from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 


Sandy beaches, clear waters and a warm summer breeze make the ultimate calming getaway. The idea behind this concept is not to go to literal - no shells, nautical stripes or ocean paintings. It's about creating the vibe, not a movie set.

coastal interior design


Create The Look:

To create a coastal vibe you do not have to go all blue! We chose only the accent table to be a light blue - the rest of this sandy paradise is created using natural Ratan and brass accents, along with clear glass chandelier and a mirror - similar to the effect of the ocean.



Clockwise from left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4  

For the urban type, nothing seems calmer than a bustling city. is all about finding the right balance between being a busy environment while still remembering you're on holiday. If you stick to grid shapes made of chrome, you're going to end up with a very cold minimalist room (which is fine if that's what you're going for). As usual we always try to soften the edges.


Create the Look:

Strong lines and dark colors set the tone for this office space. Pair a Bertoia chair and black Oak desk by HAY  with wooden accents like a Beechwood ruler and task lamp. A hanging planter softens the tone while an architectural print helps create a crisp bright work atmosphere.


So where do you want to travel today?


Product Featured:

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How To Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

How To Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

How To Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

Being a night owl and extremely sleep deprived, I’ve been doing some reading recently about sleep, specifically  on how important it is for staying healthy, happy and creative.

That got me to thinking if there’s anything I can do to convince myself to go to bed earlier (instead of working, or Netflix-ing, or aimlessly wandering on social media) and just as important - to make sure I sleep well.

I know it’s easier for me to fall asleep when the room is neat, so what else can be done in the bedroom design wise to encourage better sleep?

A couple of hours and many many more bedroom photos later, these are my five top picks for how to design a bedroom that encourages better sleep.


 1. Have a Place for Everything

bedrooms that induce sleep Clockwise from top left: A simple box shelf is perfect for a stack of books via Grey Deco // Soft felt baskets hold extra blankets or books and can be tucked under furniture via My Unfinished Home // Use wall hooks in the bedroom too via Made in Persbo //  Low benches are great for small bedrooms via Remodelista


A cluttered room really does clutter the mind. Look around your bedroom right now - does everything have a designated spot? Having storage solutions out and ready for the clutter, whether it’s a chair for clothes, a basket for magazines, and a shelf for your phone ipad or laptop means your mind can rest. No unfinished business to attend to, you can really wind down and fall asleep quickly. 


 2. Choose Your Essentials

 Bedrooms that encourage sleepEssentials for the bedroom include things that you need like a reading lamp, but also things that make you happy, like a wreath (via Coco Lapin) or a wooden hand (via Domino)

I talk about essentialism a lot, because it’s something we strongly believe in at Loop Design. Understanding what is essential to you and keeping only those things will not only guarantee a calm and tranquil environment but also one you really love to be in. Choose your bedside table essentials carefully and with purpose. Think about what you need (like a book or a lamp) but also about what makes you happy - a pretty tray, a plant or a photo - anything that will make you worry less and smile more right before you doze off.


 3. Rich Textures

 Bedroom TexturesClockwise from left: Subtle textures Via Homy Oh My // Linen Heaven Via Home Edit // Layered Textures via My Scandinavian Home // Knit Pillow and Wicker Basket adds depth via My Scandinavian Home

While I’m all for using color in your home (although I’m more of a monochrome-ist myself) the bedroom is a good place for a more subtle pallet. This does not have to mean a boring bedroom - play it up with rich textures. Textures will give a depth to your room you couldn’t even imagine existed. Try linen sheets, a fuzzy throw, furry pillow - the more the merrier, as long as you make sure they are all in the same color palette. 

 4. Plants In The Bedroom

plants in the bedroom

 Clockwise from left: A potted plant on a bedside table via Yenmag  // If you don't have a green thumb branches in a vase via @Leantims // Use a pretty bowl on the windowsill // Hang planters if your bedroom is small

We're big fans of houseplants at Loop. In fact we have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to living with plants. And although there is a bit of a debate on houseplants in the bedroom because they emit carbon dioxide at night, most believe that since it's such a small amount and that they also purify air and boost energy - it's a go.

I deeply believe in the energy they give, they are so beautiful to look at and constantly changing. Plant in a small pot on the windowsill or hang one from the wall in a small bedroom.


If you have any ideas or tips on how to encourage sleep using good design share them with us in the comments!


 Create The Look:

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How To Organize Your Living Room in 30 Minutes Or Less

How To Organize Your Living Room in 30 Minutes Or Less

How To Organize Your Living Room in 30 Minutes Or Less

Your house is a mess. An array of pillows, toys, magazines and crumbs on the floor, piles of unopened letters on the coffee table next to day old coffee and a half eaten cookie (OK just the crumbs, no one's eating only half of that cookie). You keep putting off cleaning it up because, well, life.

Then the phone rings. It's friends telling you they're close and free and are going to drop by in a half hour.

You need to fix this mess and get your house guest ready - quickly.

I can help. While I can't come and organize your house for you, leading a busy life with three kids in a country where no one calls before dropping by has taught me a thing or two about quick decluttering methods. Here are my five favourite tricks for organizing your living room and more importantly - making it guest ready, quickly and efficiently.

1. Clear All Surfaces

how to clean your house quickly

No room for clutter on this table, via Elle Decoration 

Large surfaces such as coffee tables (or dining room tables, kitchen tables, countertops, even beds) are a large feeding ground for clutter. You may think you're getting rid of clutter when your clear your table but in fact it's as if you're creating a vacuum for clutter which will quickly pile back.

Here's how to fix that - first take a large storage basket and just sweep everything into it (except for the dishes - put those in the kitchen). Take the clutter filled basket and put it in your bedroom. Close the door. Once the guests are gone you can put everything in its place. 

Next, place a large object like a vase, planter, large tray, books - anything that will take up space and force you to put things that don't belong on these surfaces back in their place in real time.

2. Clean All Surfaces

 how to clean your living room quickly

White surfaces always look cleaner, like in this house

Our eyes might not always notice things like fingerprints on windows or drip spots on tables, but we do notice when these surfaces are spotless. Take a damp cloth or some cleaning spray and quickly wipe down all visible surfaces - tables, chair handles, windowsills. If you have time and only one or two small windows - go ahead and wipe those down too. I'm always surprised how little time it takes and what a huge difference it makes. 

3. Fluff 

How to clean you living room - fast

I would love to sink into that sofa, via Vogue Australia

An inviting home is not about having a spotless and neat space - but rather a space that almost beckons you in. Fluffy throw pillows and plump sofas will make every guest feel wanted, so give them a couple of strong pats.

how to clean you living room - fast

Mastering the art of throw blanket placement at My Scandinavian Home

If you have a throw blanket (and you should have one) don't be tempted to fold it but rather toss it gently over the side of your sofa or armchair. This is not about living in a museum or high end store, it's about making people (and yourself) feel welcome.  

4. Be Intentional

Loop Design Homeware

A small tray on a good book is beautiful and thoughtful

Now that you've cleared and cleaned the room, it might feel empty or stark. This is your chance to really think about intentionally placing things throughout the room to give it that extra layer. Place some pretty coasters on a side table, light a floor lamp or a couple of candles, open a design book or magazine to your favourite spread for your guests to enjoy (this almost acts as art on a table). My mother in law always has pretty bowls of nuts on a side table, and I choose where I sit accordingly (close to the Cashews, obviously). 

5. Leave the room

No one wants to seem frantic when their guests arrive. Step away and do something else for a couple of minutes. Wash you face, boil some water, catch your breath. And enjoy your work. 

Have any more tricks for quick organizing? Do share them in the comments, we'd love to learn!

For more inspiration follow Loop design on Pinterest, and sign up to our Newsletter for updates.





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Printable Holiday Cards

Printable Holiday Cards

Printable Holiday Cards

Printable holiday cards from Loop Design


So much has happened this year.

Tomorrow my little girl will be one. This is her first Hanukah, and the only holiday she hasn't celebrated with us yet.

This year we also built our studio, and I hired Elena to work with us - which has been such a blessing.

And this past month was our best month since starting Loop Design three years ago!

So I just wanted to say thank you - to all of you who have purchased, commented on our Instagram posts, Liked on Facebook, joined our Newsletter - all of you who allow me to do what I love to do most.

I made you these free holiday cards, you can download them here. If you use them we'd love to see! Tag @loopdesignstudio on Instagram to share.

See you in 2017!


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A Gift For Every Room

A Gift For Every Room

A Gift For Every Room

You have impeccable taste. People expect you to bring the best gifts.

It's stressful - I know.

With you in mind I've created  a room by room gift guide featuring beautiful finds that will leave your loved ones oooh-ing and aaaah-ing over how you've done it again.

Let's begin.

A Minimalist Gift Guide
Strong lines, soft textures and lots of greenery help achieve a soft minimalist feel in the living room:

"Ketos" Print, Hanging Wall Planter, Dot Sofa Cushion.


A Minimalist Gift Guide
For the coziest bedroom, here are my favourite gifts:


A Minimalist Gift Guide

A kids room you'll want to hang out in:

A Minimalist Gift Guide
Work is so much easier when your desk is pretty:


You're welcome:)

P.S. It's no too late to order gifts for your friends and family! Hurry up and order so we can ship them and get them to you fast.

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Inspiration is Everywhere

Inspiration is Everywhere

A while back I was a interviewed by Etsy on their website as a featured seller. One question that stood out to me was about my process - where and when do I develop new designs.


brass bowl

That might seem like a pretty straightforward question, but for me it wasn't. As a mother to three kids (at the time I was expecting my third, about the same time we put this video for our about section together, you can see me working the saw with my 6 month belly:) I really don't have a whole lot of time to sit and sketch like I used to. I actually do most of my "sketching" in my head, usually while driving.

brass bowl


My new brass bowl design was not only developed during a long drive, the idea came to me from the road itself.


My parents live in Jerusalem, and on my way there I pass something that can only be described as a satellite farm. Like something out of a a sci-fi movie, tons of satellites in all sizes face the sky, or each other, or nothing at all. It's always peaceful and eery, and when we drive by everyone gets really quiet in the car and just looks out the window. (That's pretty unusual for a family with three kids)

I'm not quite sure why they are there, and I don't want to Google it b/c it would ruin what I imagine them to be doing. But the way they lean towards each other, or lean back facing the sky - they look so much like a group of people listening quietly - I love how human they seem.

brass planters

So when I started working on the brass bowls, I wanted them to seem like people too. Something about them being able to face each other or turn another way. They can face the light, or face you - I love it when objects have a personified feel, but in a very subtle hinted way.

Shop the brass bowls here, and if you haven't signed up for our newsletter you definitely should! With the holidays coming up we're planning a couple of special surprises you won't want to miss.

Until next time,




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