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3 Stunning Plants to boost your home office decor

3 Stunning Plants to boost your home office decor

Do you work from home these days or in an office? Or both?

Wherever you are, you could definitely use a plant or two (or 34...speaking from experience🙃🌿🌱).

Plants in your office are known for boosting work productivity and purifying the air. According to traditional feng shui principles, greenery can also contribute to good luck and has the power to heal and nourish.

Here are our top recommendations for office plants:

Hanging planter


Hanging planter

  1. Devils Ivy (or Golden Pothos)

This plant is one of our favorite plants of all time. easy to care for, and really beautiful. Your new best trailing friend thrives in bright, indirect light, but can tolerate medium to low indirect light, make it perfect for bright offices or drearier ones. 

Pro tip: Styling it in a hanging planter will let you really SEE your plant, and allow you to flaunt your interior design skills. We especially recommend this if you’re designing a small space. Hanging your plant can save floor space and bring in nature without cramping your home office. 

Cylinder planter

Freya cylinder planter

  1. Rubber plants

Rubber plants (or Ficus Elastica) act as great home office plants; they’re sleek, regal, but still approachable at the same time. These beauties are relatively low maintenance which is always a win in our book. They thrive in medium to bright indirect light, making it a great indoor plant and a great decoration for your work space. 

Hanging planter

Hanging planter

  1. Monkey Monsteras

We chose the Monstera adansonii, or the Monkey Monstera because it's a bit quirky and fun. This trailing tropical plant will give your office space a bit more of a jungle-esque feel. It does best in bright indirect sunlight, but can deal with a bit of direct sunlight too (but not too much, it can scorch its leaves). 

Which plants do you grow in your workspace?

Thank you @mountainfeatherdesigns for sharing your beautiful workspace with us!


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Plant styling ideas

Plant styling ideas

As the first round of our ambassador program is coming to a close, we asked our ambassadors to share with us some of their favorite plant & styling tips. Here’s what these talented plant parents and up-and-coming styling mavens had to say:

Plant styling ideas

“You can never have too many plants! BUT, make sure you take into consideration where you place them in your home, so they’re getting proper light.”


Styling with plants

"My favorite plant styling tip is to use clear push pins or tiny clear command hooks to trail a long or vining plant across a wall. You can rest the vines on top of the push pins or gently tuck them into the command hooks. This common plant styling method creates a look of whimsy and really showcases the beautiful leaves on your plant!" 



“I love styling plants in groups. Different textures, shades of green, and leaf shapes can really create a lovely display together. Playing with different heights is also key for a striking arrangement, just have fun with it!”


"Arrange plants by different hues and use a variety of sizes and height to create an engaging atmosphere. That way your eyes are drawn all around the space 🌿"


What's your favorite plant styling tip? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email to shira@loopliving.co and you might be featured too!



Want to be one of our next ambassadors? You can apply right here! Can't wait to hear from you.


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How to grow an avocado seed

How to grow an avocado seed

How to grow an avocado tree from a seed?

Avocado trees are arguably our favorite parts about avocados (sorry avo-toast). And the best part? They’re super easy to grow!

After a lot of trial and error, we found a way to grow an avocado in water in a way that’s easy and effective, and we thought we’d share it with you all, step by step. This is the fastest way to grow an avocado seed in water, and we hope you it helps you make lots of Avocado babies! 



1. The first step towards growing an avocado seed in water is getting your avocado seed ready. First thing's first- cut an avocado.


2. Take the fresh avocado pit and peel the outer brown layer off. We like doing that under running water, it makes for an easy clean up. Peeling it will eliminate a moldy layer that sometimes forms on your pit, ew.

3. Take a couple of paper towels and wet them.

4. Wrap the avocado seed in the wet paper towels


5. Place the wrapped avocado seed in a ziplock bag and zip it closed. What you’re doing is creating a humid environment which will keep the seed damp and won’t let it dry out, while promoting faster growth.


6. Check up on the seed every once in a while to see when it’s ready to transfer to water. You’re looking for a split to form in the seed, and a small root to emerge from the bottom How long does it take for an avocado seed to sprout, you ask? Well, that depends. Usually, it'll take your avocado between two and six weeks to sprout.

7. Once your avocado seed has split, take a propagation cone and place it on top of a water glass.

8. Place your avocado seed in the cone, with the bottom of the avocado seed sitting in the cone. The cone helps you grow an avocado seed without toothpicks and with a lot less hassle. Make sure to check out our beautiful propagation cones RIGHT HERE.

Propagation cone
Propagation cone

9. Fill the glass with water making sure the root is immersed in water. The avocado seed does not have to be in the water.

Propagation cone

Propagation cone

10. Now the fun part! The avocado seed’s divide will keep getting bigger, and more roots will form. Eventually it will sprout from the top end as well and leaves will form.  

11. You’ll want to change out the water about once a week to make sure it’s getting all the nutrients to stay alive. How long can I grow my avocado in water, you ask? After a couple of months, you might notice some leaves start to brown, or leaves won’t keep coming in. That’s when you might want to transfer it to soil. You don’t need to plant the whole seed, just the roots. It’s amazing that you can grow an avocado tree from a seed, right? Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your beautiful avocado tree.

Want to see the full video? Head over to out IG to check it out:

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5 common watering mistakes and how to avoid them 

5 common watering mistakes and how to avoid them 

Like all living things, indoor plants need water to survive. But if you’ve ever owned a plant or two, you know that this whole watering business is one of the trickiest parts of being a plant parent. We’re here to shed some light on some of the biggest watering mistakes people make and help you avoid them so your plants can truly thrive. 

1- Watering too much (overwatering)

A lot of people get confused and think overwatering refers to the amount of water used per watering. But overeating actually means watering too frequently! 

How will you know if you’re watering too frequently? Look for these signs before you water:

  1. Are the leaves perky (if so they don’t need watering) or droopy (they probably need water)?
  2. Insert your finger into the soil. Is it dry? Or is the soil sticking to your finger all moist? Check Online to see how dry your plant needs to be before its next watering (one inch of the soil, two inches, or fully dry) and use the finger test to assess.
  3. Yellow leaves? That’s often a sign of overwatering. Brown crispy leaves? Under-watering, or using the wrong water, but that’s for a different post:)
Hanging planters

2- Not watering enough (under-watering)

Like we mentioned earlier, under watering can be detrimental to your plant. Dry soil and dead leaves are all signs your plant needs some of that H2O magic. Every plant has different needs, so make sure you pay attention to each plant. Some plants like more frequent waterings than others, and unfortunately there's no one size fits all when it comes to watering your plants (although we wish there was). Dr. google can be very helpful here. 

Bonus: If your plant dries out really fast, and when you water it all of the water just rushes through it, and the soil is pulling away from the pot - you need to aerate the soil. That’s a nice word for using a wooden skewer to poke holes in the soil and let some air in. That way the water will be able to stay in the soil for longer.

Hanging planters

3- Not having a drainage hole

A lot of planters and plant pots were not created with your plant’s needs in mind. When you plant your plant in a planter that doesn’t have a drainage hole, you’re setting it up for failure. A drainage hole makes sure that when you water your plant, the excess water does not stay in the planter (which creates root rot, which equals very sad plants). When we designed our planters, we made sure that won’t happen to your plants, so all our planters have drainage holes. you can check them out here>>

Hanging planters

Hanging planters

4- Not using the right amount of water 

So if overwatering doesn’t mean how much water you use, how much water should you be using? I’m glad you asked!

Enough to fully wet the soil until the water comes out of the drainage hole. This helps flush out salts or minerals, keeping your plant happy and thriving. That’s why many people, us included, like watering their plants in the sink or in a bathtub - it allows them to soak the soil with water, without creating a huge mess. So next time you’re worried about watering with too much water- don’t be. Just make sure there’s a drainage hole so the water doesn’t get stuck in the pot.

Mini planters


5- Excess water left in the planters saucer

Your planter has a drainage hole, and you’ve got a cute saucer under it for when you water it. But when you water your plant, you might be leaving that water in the saucer for too long, essentially leaving your plant in water for too long. We’ve already established how that’s bad for your plant. With our planters we found a way to have our plant and water it too. We designed our planters with a matching saucer that’s shape separates the excess water completely, so the roots will never just sit in water. That saucer doesn’t just keep the excess separate from the roots, it also saves that water for future waterings. Using a special cord placed between the planter and the saucer, your plant will be able to drink directly from the water in the saucer. Our self watering mechanism will keep your plant happy and thriving (yay). 

What are your greatest plant watering challenges? Let us know in the comments below!


Hanging planter

Hanging planters

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Gifts for plant lovers

Gifts for plant lovers

With mother’s day around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to acknowledge all our plant mamas (and papas) out there- caring for their babies, excited for every new furl, propagation and sprout. 

To celebrate properly, here are our top 4 recommendations for mothers day gifts you can give to your favorite plant mom.

Propagation cone
  • Propagation cone
    More plant babies = happy plant mom! Propagating plant cuttings and Avocado’s is easy and beautiful with our plant-lover’s gift set complete with a handcrafted aluminum cone, metal shears, glass and printed guide.

  • Gift card for plant lovers
  • Plant lover Gift card
  • Some people just like choosing their own gifts (guilty, lol). If your plant mama is a bit particular, giving her a gift card for our selection of planters and plant accessories will help her fulfill allll her plant- styling dreams, exactly the way she envisioned them.


    Plant hanger

  • Our signature Hanging planter
    Our signature hanging planter can help plant lovers not only style their plants, but also care for them and help them thrive. Our self- watering mechanism is guaranteed to get your plant peeps excited- with a separate saucer for excess water, preventing the roots from rotting AND acting as a water reservoir when the plant gets thirsty again. The mechanism keeps plant babes happy and healthy.

  • Mini plant hanger
  • Mini plant hanger + planter
  • One of our cutest designs and a Loop Living staff favorite, guaranteed to bring out all the ‘awww’s and ‘sooo cuuuute’! 


    Hope you enjoyed our recommendations! Our collection is filled with gifts for plant lovers. From shelves for plant styling to propagation kits, we have something for every plant person. Click to browse more ideas:)

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    How to display indoor plants?

    How to display indoor plants?

    Spring is in full bloom and that makes us want to do a lot of things we didn’t feel like doing when it was cold and rainy.


    Embrace the sunny days and go out on adventures.

    Bring nature inside too with a million new houseplants.

    But how do you style a gazillion plants in a way that feels intentional an not messy?

    We asked our wonderful photographer and home decor friend, Jessica Baggett @jessoliverbaggett, to help us get one step closer to mastering the art of plant styling and share her gorgeous plant styling tips with us. 

    Mini planters


    Here were her top recommendations:

    Planter collection
  • Same color planters create a cohesive look
  • Keep the planters in the same color family. The majority of my planters are white or terracotta. When there are too many different colors then it starts to look cluttered and less intentional.”

    See our all- white planter collection here.

    Our Mini planters

    Our mini planters

  • Different sized planters for variety & interest
  • Vary the sizes. I like to have one or two large statements plants per a room then sprinkle in some medium and small plants (no limit ) making sure they are on varying levels, so I can see a plant or two at all times.

    Hanging planter

    Hanging planter

  • Trailing plants can fill any blank space
  • Use a trailing plant to fill blank space. I personally don’t like to have art work on every wall in a room. I typically leave one blank wall but will have a hanging plant to fill the gap. Maybe your art piece doesn’t fill the wall as much as you’d like, add a trailing plant to fill the empty space.”




  • Make sure your plants are happy!
  • The most important tip of all is putting the plant where they are happiest. If they require more light, make sure they’re closer to a window. If they are easily burned, move them further away. 

    We hope you find Jess’s tips helpful! What’s your favorite tip for styling your plants in a cohesive way?

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    How to water a hanging planter

    How to water a hanging planter

    Hanging planters

    Hanging indoor planters are beautiful, but, uh, how do you actually water an indoor hanging plant? And how do you water it without getting water all over your floors and carpets? 

    Don’t worry- we got you covered! We’ve created a Q&A to help you water your hanging plants with ease.  Your blooming indoor garden is one blog post away!

    Q: What's the best way to water hanging plants? Can I water my hanging plant while it’s hanging or should I take it down to water it?

    A: You should do both! For regular quick waterings you can water your hanging plant while it’s still hanging, but try to take it out every once in a while for a thorough watering. This way you can also get a closer look at it, see how your plant is doing, and even dust off its leaves every once in a while. 

    Hanging planters

    Q: If I’m taking my hanging planter down, where should I be watering it?

    A: The sink or bathtub. You can also water it outside in the garden- whatever works for you. Watering it in these places will allow you to make a mess and really hose it down. 

    Hanging planter


    How much water should I be using to water my hanging indoor planter and how do I know if I’m overwatering?

    A: Overwatering means watering too frequently , not using too much water. When you water your plant is ready for watering, you’ll want to water it until the water comes out of the drainage hole and the soil is fully wet. That way the water washes away any of the unwanted minerals and salts in the soil, and doesn’t get logged at the roots.

    Q: How do I avoid wetting my floors and rugs when I’m watering my hanging plants?

    A: A good planter always has a drainage hole (this is important for your plant’s health sake). The problem a lot of people face with hanging planters is that when they water their plant, the water drips straight through the drainage hole and creates a mess.

    If the question of how to water indoor hanging plants without dripping has boggled your mind for a while, don’t worry- we have the perfect solution for you - our smart planters!  Unlike many planters, and especially “designer” planters, ours has a drainage hole AND a designated cup placed right underneath your plant, which means that if you water the plant while hanging, the excess water will drip into the cup, instead of all over your new carpet or floor. 


    Hanging ceiling planter

    Hanging planter ceiling

    How do I know when my plant needs watering? 

    A: As a rule of thumb, stick your finger into the soil and water it when it’s completely dry. There are some plants that prefer moist soil, Google can help you out if you’re not sure what your plant prefers. So now you may be thinking, is there any other way that I can check without getting my finger super dirty? With our planters, there is.

    Because our planter is made of super lightweight aluminum, when the solid is dry it will be very light. When the soil is wet, the planter will be very heavy. So you can lift it a bit and see how heavy it is to know how dry/wet the soil is. Over time you’ll learn exactly when to water it, depending on the weight of your planter when you pick it up.

    self watering planter


    What should I do about watering my hanging planter when I’m out of town?

    Our hanging planter has a self watering mechanism, which helps you care for your plant more easily. With our planter, the excess water drips into the matching saucer placed under the planter, and then, when the plant is thirsty again, it drinks from the saucer with a special chord. You can think of our planter as the ultimate plant nanny -your plant still needs it’s parent, but when you're out of town for the weekend, someone is still watching out for it. 

    Q: how to water high hanging indoor plants?

    A: This is a tricky one for sure. You can either use a ladder or a stool to get to higher hanging plants. Button watering also makes things easier, so make sure to check out our hanging planter that allows you to easily water your plants from the bottom. For higher hanging plants, our self watering system will also ensure that you don’t have to water your plants as often. 

    So now that we’ve answered your plant watering woes, check out our new hanging planter that will help you turn your home into a lush urban jungle. Click here to see our new hanging ceiling planter.

    Ceiling planter

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    How to style a beautiful living room

    How to style a beautiful living room

    Photo credit: thistle.harvest

    When I think of dreamy living rooms, my mind automatically drifts to Hannah @thistle&harvest’s gorgeous living space. It’s cozy, timeless and classic, and all around one of my all time favorites. I decided to take a closer look at how this beautiful space came to life. Here are my key takeaways:

    Plants + books= magic
    Plants have this unique ability to add life and harmony anywhere they’re placed. Combined with books, the space is elevated to a whole new level. The outcome makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a 19th century living room with a contemporary twist.

    Plant Hanger

    Photo credit: thistle.harvest

    The bookcase
    If you’re wondering how Hannah’s bookcase looks so flawless, take a closer look. You’ll notice the book covers are color coordinated, in shades of green, beige, white and grey, matching the color scheme in the room. Some of the books are even placed with their pages facing out,, allowing their creamy color to coordinate well with the other.

    Bonus Tip: When you buy books take their jacket off - the cover is usually a lot nicer. Bonus tips - buy older books at thrift shops for some extra character. 

    Hanging planter

    Photo credit: thistle.harvest

    Color Palette
    A neutral color palette is one of the staples of any Scandinavian home. The color scheme in Hannah’s living room is filled with earthy tones combined with dark green. The intentional layering gives the space a sophisticated and classy look, while the pink undertones provide a soft, subtly feminine (and even romantic) feel. 

    What did you think of Hannah’s space?

    Let us know in the comments below!

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    how to turn your bathroom into a luxurious home spa

    How to Turn your Bathroom into a Luxurious Home Spa

    Photo credit: Bettina Brent

    It’s been quite a year. And for those of us who have been working from home, between zoom school and zoom meeting, home can feel less like the peaceful sanctuary we hope it to be and more like an ongoing jumble of chores. 
    But there's one place that can still serve as an escape- the bathroom! With a few small tweaks, it can turn into the perfect place to indulge in some much needed self care, where you can just take a deep breath and relax, even if it’s just for a few stolen moments. 
    I asked Bettina Brent, one of my all time favorite home decor influencers, for her best bathroom styling tips (because hers is all my #bathroomgoals wrapped in one).
    Here’s what she had to say, and I hope they help you find those moments of calm happiness, like they did for me.

    Hanging planters

    Photo credit: Bettina Brent

    1. Setting the mood
    Here’s how Bettina created that perfect spa feel: “Over the bath I use a piece of timber with items I would need for a bath - glass of water (or wine) a book, a dish with some bath salts - I like to make my own using calming essential oils. I love my two trailing philodendrons in my Loop Living hanging planters for a peaceful jungle feel. I love the look of lots of candles, I use LED flameless ones in the bathroom”.

    2. Group items together to avoid clutter
    According to Bettina, finding solutions for the smaller items can go a long way. “I don’t like a lot of clutter, so I group a few items on a tray (handwash, cream, small bowl for bits, maybe a nail or body brush) and a small planter”.

    Photo credit: Bettina Brent

    3. Keep the shower Minimal
    As for the shower, Bettina says she likes “keeping the shower minimal with matching hair and body products, and a sponge. And of course, always a plant hanging or in the corner!”

    Photo credit: Bettina Brent

    4. When practical meets aesthetics 
    And if you're wondering where to place your towels, Bettina says she likes “using beautiful organic feeling towels draped over a stool, ladder or as in my ensuite over a Loop Living hook!”

    Wall hooks
    Photo credit: Bettina Brent
    5. Propagating
    Last but not least, Bettina finds that “The bathroom is the perfect place for propagating- I have little cuttings of my favorite pothos on the window sill.” And honestly, that’s our favorite tip of all. 

    What do you think, ready to create some home spa magic? 

    Hanging planters
    Photo credit: Bettina Brent
    A little bit about Bettina
    Bettina Brent is an Australian based home decor influencer and the mother of three children (and a couple of plants too). If you're looking for some home decor inspiration, check her out here. 

    Have any more bathroom styling tips? We’d love to hear in the comments below:)
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    How to style your indoor plants

    How to style your indoor plants

    If you've been feeling like your plant groupings are looking a bit messy, we totally get it. Trying to figure out how to style lots of gorgeous plants in a way that allows each of them to shine is no easy task. 


    How to style indoor plants


    We love learning from the pros, so we asked Brad Canning from @leafylane to help us out. Brad created an urban jungle paradise and his IG feed is filled with incredible plant- styling inspo, and greenery care tips. When Brad isn’t styling his plants, he’s busy growing them. He’s especially known for his Avocado propagation techniques. 

    Here’s what he had to say:

    “I always ensure my plants are grouped in different heights and types. If you have a taller plant at the back and then you can have your shorter plants at the front. This ensures there’s no one solid mass of plants at one height which can look messy. Using plant stands and blocks of wood also help prop up smaller plants.”


    How to Propagate an Avocado

    Shop Hanging Planter


    You can use Brad’s tip when styling a gallery wall (we love how he styled our hanging planter here), shelves with plants, or any other area where you group a few plants together. Using strategic placement can go a long way - think of it as layering.


    How to grow Avocados


    And if you, like us, are obsessed with Brad’s beautiful Avocado babies, check out our Plant-Lover gift set, complete with our signature propagation cone, metal shears, a glass to propagate in and out illustrated guide to get you started.


    How to Propagate an Avocado


    Thanks so much to Brad for sharing his work and tips with us! 

    Got some plant styling tips of your own? We’d love to hear from you, send us an email and maybe you’ll be featured in our blog:)


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    How to style a shelf - tips from a pro

    How to style a shelf - tips from a pro

    We love styling shelves. More specifically, we love styling shelves with plants (because plants make everything better!).

    Whether you’re styling shelves in the kitchen, in the living room or above your bed, a carefully placed plant has this magical ability to help bring your #shelfie to the next level, adding life and color to your space. 

    Styling floating shelves

    To help you on your shelf styling with plants endeavor, we asked Aubrey Figueroa, one of our favorite home decor influencers, for her best floating shelf styling tips. Here's what she had to say:

    "I love styling small succulents and cacti with books on open shelving. You can add books underneath the plants to give smaller plants height.

    how to style a shelf with plants


    You can also lean them on their sides and use small planters as bookends!


    Styling Shelves


    Ready to style your shelves with a cacti or succulent? Our mini planters were designed with shelf styling in mind! You can shop them here>>


    Looking for more inspo?

    We’re so honored to be able to host @HelloImAubs on our blog this week. Aubrey is a Florida- based home decor and styling influencer. Her easy - to- follow styling tips, along with her phenomenal style and budget- friendly DIY’s, make her account one of our absolute favorites.  Check out her account for more styling tips and ideas!


    Aubrey Figueroa
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    Our Five Favorite Plant Books

    Our Five Favorite Plant Books

    Our Five Favorite Plant Books

    When you first think about plant care books you might imagine heavy encyclopedias with Latin names and botanical illustrations. While those probably exist and may be super interesting, it was interior design that introduced me to plants, so it only makes sense that my favorite plant books are all very much interior design books.

    I often read them for plant care tips. Sure. But I also look to them for inspiration for my home - how to match plants to a certain mood, how to layer them in my space, and how to really create harmony between the design elements and the living ones. 

    And hey, also make really great plant stands.

    Here are my top five favorite plant books and what I love most about each one.

    1. Wild Interiors/ Hilton Carter

    Wild Interiors Review

    Hilton Carter recently released his new book Wild Interiors and it is probably my favorite plant book to date. He visits homes in locations all over the world, each space with its own unique vibe and limitations, and introduces the readers to creatives growing plants in their home. There are care tips, an entire section about conservatories you can visit on your next vacation, beautiful interior shots - but the thing that stands out most is Hilton's down to earth and approachable voice that makes you feel like he's your helpful friend with an infectious love of plants cheering you on.

    It's a really fun book to read and re-read and you can find it here.


    1. Plant Style: How to greenify your space/ Alana Langan & Jacqui Vidal

    Plant Style Book Review

    Based in Australia, Ivy Muse is referred to as a botanical Emporium by its founders, Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal. They offer plants and plant accessories along with plant styling services. In this book, they share their plant care and plant styling knowledge.

      While a lot of plant books go into depth about plant care, Langan & Vidal offer so much more like how to style plants according to your style preference (Scandinavian, Boho, Modern etc.), group plants together in a way that compliments them and your home, and lots of additional tips and tricks. 

      Personally, I think this book is better for people with a little experience as it might be a bit overwhelming for beginners. I especially loved their actionable room-by-room tips.

      Find it here.

      1. Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants/ Igor Joifovic and Judith de Graaff

      Urban Jungle Review

      Urban Jungle Bloggers started out as a passion project and has evolved into a worldwide movement and community of plant enthusiasts. In their first book, founders Joifovic and de Graaff created an easy to follow guide including plant care tips, DIY projects, and home tours of inspirational plant growers around the world. While the book is packed with information it's easy to digest b/c of the way they've put it together. It's a great book for beginners, not too overwhelming and even empowering. You feel like everyone in it is telling you - you can do this too! And you really can.

      Find it here

        1. House of Plants/ Rose Ray and Caro Langton
      House of Plants Review


      This is a true plant lover’s book. It reads like a storybook with moody photos of apartments and greenhouses in the UK where the authors are based. You feel their love of plants through every page and the photos are beautiful to look at.

      This is my favorite book for plant care. It's more on the “encyclopedia” side with tips on growing all of the popular plants, what to do if you find yellowing or browning leaves or pests, fertilizing, and more. It’s the kind of book you reach for when you've got a question about a plant and aren't sure who to ask.

      Find it here.


      5. Decorating with Plants / Baylor Chapman

      Decorating with Plants Review

      This book is a Shelfie stylers dream. Lots of pretty plants, not all of them popular and well knows, and lots of pretty pots as well. I liked it for the bright photos and pretty styling. While there are also a lot of plant care tips, the design spoke to me even more. It's a great coffee table book, as you might see from the very visible coffee ring stain on my copy above.

      Find it here.


      I hope you find a book (or five) to bring into your home, and if you have any suggestions I'm always looking to grow my collection!


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