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Studio Update

Studio Update

I've always liked seeing what creating things (not just our designs!) actually looks like. My favorite work days are the ones where I visit manufacturers and see how things are made. Knowing each sketch, model, and finished product are a series of difficult decisions, and seeing how much hard work and dedication to detail go into every phase of the work is really inspiring.

Today I'm sharing some of our design processes and what we've been up to lately.

Normally I would make sure everything was super edited and looked amazing - but that's not the reality of our studio and workshop. Here's what things actually look like in a product design studio, I hope you find it interesting!

This past month we've been trying to get three designs finished so we can manufacture and launch them and get them in your hands. I am so excited about these pieces, I can't wait to see what you all think!

The designs we're working on are new Animal Wall Hooks, The Perfect Planter, and a Tabletop Photo Frame.

Animal Wall Hooks

Loop Living Studio

To create the perfect face, I've recruited my good friend and talented illustrator, Michal of Micush. We sketched every different shape of eye possible, only to realize that a simple nose creates the nicest and sweetest outcome. That's minimal design for you - Making it seem easy is the most difficult part! 

Next we got a custom heat stamp made of our 'nose' graphic. Burning it into the wood spheres is so rewarding. It needs to be done very carefully as to no scorch the surface, and patience is key. Then end result is exactly as I imagined - sweet, heartwarming, and fully functional.

Loop Living Wall Hooks

I couldn't wait to hang these in my daughters room - usually a sign of a good design. These will launch really soon and we have some great things planed for Facebook and Instagram to celebrate, make sure you're following us!

The Perfect Planter

You know I love houseplants and designing for them. The planter I'm designing will look great on it's own but will also fit our Plant Hanger perfectly. Here's a little video I took of me sketching the shape:

We've still got to choose colors and finalize production, but hopefully it won't be long now.

Tabletop Photo Frame

We're currently modeling our Tabletop Photo Frame, trying to work out the smartest most efficient way to produce it, but I'm going to leave that one as a surprise:)


The last thing we've been busy with is finding a replacement for Elena, our production manager. She's expecting her baby in September and it seems like nothing will slow that down, not even my deep fear of replacing her 😱😂

Here's a peek to what our current packaging station where Elena packs your orders. We're actually redesigning all of our packaging materials as well, we'll share everything when it's ready.

Loop Living Studio

Loop Living Studio

I saved the prettiest photo for last - our Peg Shelf display snapped as the sun was setting outside. I love the shadow play and how golden everything looks.

Loop Living Studio


 I hope you liked our behind the scenes post, let me know if you'd like to see more of these in the comments!

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