Three ways to display plants in your home

Three ways to display plants in your home

Whether you're a plant savvy expert, or a new plant parent who discovered the amazing benefits of houseplants during lockdown (because making sourdough bread during just wasn't your thing). Either way, once you start growing plants in your home, it's hard not to fall in love. 

And if you're greenifying your home, you are probably trying to think of better ways to show off your collection than just a humble pot on the floor or shelf.

You've come to the right place! I've put together my three favorite ways to display houseplants in my home, I hope you one idea (or all three) of them is perfect for your home. Shall we begin?

1. Wall Plant Hanger

This is hands down my favorite way to display plants, mainly because it brings your plant to eye level so you get to enjoy it at its fullest. Elevating your plant also allows you to better monitor its health and needs, and you can show it off to your frieds. Lastly, decorating vertically, especially with cascading plants, draws your eye up and akes the room look larger.

Our wall plant hanger fits any shaped planter, or you can use it with one of our signature self-watering planters. 

Loop Living Plant Hanger
Photo by @cozy.happy.home

Loop Living Hanging Planter
Photo by @rachlvalente


2. Plant Stands

A while ago someone asked me what the deal with plant stands was. They don't add that much height, so it's not a height thing. What's the point?

To this person I say - imagine a chunky sofa sitting flush on the floor. Now imagine that same sofa on long, thin legs - can you feel that breath of air? Elevating plants in a plant stand is a great way to breathe air under the plant, almost like levitation. That will draw all of the right kind of attention to your plant. I made a little before and after for you using the plant stands I design so you can see what our planters look like with and without a stand. Can you see the difference? It's small, but intentional. And that goes a long way!

Loop Living Planters

Loop Living Plant Stand

3. Propagation Cones

Ok I know techincally cuttings aren't houseplants, but if you haven't tried rooting plant cuttings in water what are you waiting for? It's very easy and you'll feel so proud when your little offspring shoots off its first roots. And the best part of propagating (other than how inexpensive it is) is that you can display these cuttings all over the house like kitchen shelves, bookcases, coffee tables - youn name it! Bonnus - they are not half as finicky as houseplants, and you can choose to plant them once the roots grow, or keep growing them in water, jsut make sure  you fill the glass with fresh water every once in a while.

Our propagation cones turn every glass into a plant vase, and you'll also get a guide with illustrated how-to's for propagating Devil's Ivy, Hoya, and Avocado pits.

propagation conePropagation cone

So, which idea are you going to use in your home? 

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