The Easiest Cascading Plant To Grow At Home

The Easiest Cascading Plant To Grow At Home
If only my plant would just tell me what it needs! 
I can't count the number of times that thought ran through my head when I started growing (ok, ok, killing) houseplants. I would google "plants I won't kill" and cross examine the poor woman at the plant nursery trying to look for that perfect plant that won't die on me. 

Easiest plants to keep aliveDevil's Ivy on the far left, its leaves get droopy when it's thirsty

The same names kept coming up - succulents, cacti, mother in law's tongue - all low light low water plants. But I killed them.
Multiple times.
The problem with all of these "easy plants" is - they don't tell you what's wrong with them until it's too late. Enter the perfect plant that will actually tell me what it needs - Devil's Ivy (or Photos if you're into sounding professional).

Easiest plant to keep aliveKeep it at eye level and you'll be best friends in no time

The reason this plant is so easy to care for is that unlike his low water friends he will show you when he's thirsty. Leaves will start drooping, and feel really soft to the touch, easy to fold, and lifeless. A couple of hours after it's watered those leaves will perk right back up.

Easiest Plant to keep alive
Devil's Ivy has a lots of different color patterns (the hanging plants) depending on the light and the specimen

It's also very versatile. Plant it by the window and watch light streaks in different shades form on the leaves, move it to a darker corner and the leaves will stay one bright shade. If it dies (which it might) you can chop off all the leaves, let the soil dry thoroughly (check that by sticking your finger into the soil and make sure it's not damp at all), and start over, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

It really is the perfect wall accent

Let it cascade beautifully on the wall at eye level (our plant hanger is PERFECT for that) to make sure you're really paying attention to its watering needs as you grow more familiar with it (sorry, plant puns are the worst). Once you feel that you've mastered caring for it, you can move on to more difficult plants.
And if you're next question is how often should I water it? Please remember there is no schedule for watering plants. Always check with your finger to see if the soil is dry before you water - and when in doubt it's better to not water it than to over water, so wait another day or two.

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