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Silver Pothos Plant Care

Silver Pothos Plant Care


A Silver Pothos is one of our favorite plants of all time. It's beautiful without being overbearing, will add a hint of nature to any Scandinavian styled home, and most importantly - is a perfect plant for beginners (it’s actually the first plant we were able to keep alive for more than five seconds…). It will let you know when it’s thirsty (the leaves will get a little droopy when you don’t water it), but won’t die if you occasionally forget to water it right away.

If you’re to the plant parenting game, this one’s a great one for you. We’ve gathered our best Silver Pothos plant care tips to help you get started. 

Silver Pothos Plant Care

Hanging planter

Silver Pothos Care & Styling Tips


Bright indirect light is the way to go with this plant. The brighter the light the more variegated the leaves will become. Just keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid leaf scorching.


Wall plant hanger

Wall plant hanger


Water once the top 1-3 inches of the soil are dry (use your finger to check).


If the leaves are yellow, you’re overwatering your plant. Don’t love it too hard!

Tips & tricks

If you have dead leaves, snip just above a node (little bump on the stem) so new growth will

take place.

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