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How to style your houseplants- with tips from the pros

How to style your houseplants- with tips from the pros

Hanging planter

Photo credit: @neutralhabitat

Over the years, we’ve learned that a bit of plant styling can go a long way.

Finding plants that compliment your space + styling them in unique ways will not only give your favorite plants the attention they deserve, it will also elevate the entire room. 

While this may sound like a tall order (choosing the right plants, styling them…do you also have a tough time deciding things like this?), we’ve got a few friends who are here to help!

We’ve asked our incredible brand ambassador for tips that will help you create a beautiful, curated indoor oasis.

Here’s what they had to say:

plant styling tips


“I once got some wonderful advice from an adorable local plant shop. I’d found a beautiful Monstera that was full of life and love but was so torn with how to display it. The shop manager saw my struggle and shared to always try and use a vessel that let the plant speak for itself, and that really stuck with me! If a piece was too bold, too overwhelming it took over the natural beauty - needless to say I had no problem leaning into the neutral and minimalist styles that help blend nature so seamlessly in the home.” 

Lyndsey @neutralhabitat’s swoon-worthy home is filled with plants, wood, and sunlight. Check out her IG here for beautiful plant and home decor inspo! 

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plant styling tips

Jen @devita.haus

“One way to keep my plant styling fresh is made possible by keeping many of my plants in their plastic nursery pots. This makes it easy for me to swap planters and pots whenever I want! It’s perfect if your plant is growing taller/fuller and you want to upgrade the vessel without having to fully repot — or if you just want to refresh your space! It allows you to play with texture, color, height, and shape without making a full commitment.”

With beautiful plants and an eye-catching style, this gal is a star in the making (don’t say we didn’t say so). Photographer by day, home decor and plant stylist by night, Jen @devita.haus will help you style your space, even if you're ballin on a budget. You can find out more about her right here.


plant styling


Alena @alenagee

“We have high ceilings at home and what we like to do is to fill in the space with tall indoor trees! We also hang trailing plants from the ceiling and utilize ledges as plant shelves. Doing this allows your eye to move from one area to another which ultimately makes the space feel more lush and full.”

With lovely trailing plants and beautiful displays of terracotta and neutrals, Alena is bound to inspire you with her unique home decor style. Follow her here for beautiful, plant + home decor inspo!

What’s your favorite plant styling tips? Let us know in the comments below!


We’ll be hosting the rest our ambassadors on the blog next week, stay tuned for more great tips!

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