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Plant styling ideas

Plant styling ideas

As the first round of our ambassador program is coming to a close, we asked our ambassadors to share with us some of their favorite plant & styling tips. Here’s what these talented plant parents and up-and-coming styling mavens had to say:

Plant styling ideas

“You can never have too many plants! BUT, make sure you take into consideration where you place them in your home, so they’re getting proper light.”


Styling with plants

"My favorite plant styling tip is to use clear push pins or tiny clear command hooks to trail a long or vining plant across a wall. You can rest the vines on top of the push pins or gently tuck them into the command hooks. This common plant styling method creates a look of whimsy and really showcases the beautiful leaves on your plant!" 



“I love styling plants in groups. Different textures, shades of green, and leaf shapes can really create a lovely display together. Playing with different heights is also key for a striking arrangement, just have fun with it!”


"Arrange plants by different hues and use a variety of sizes and height to create an engaging atmosphere. That way your eyes are drawn all around the space 🌿"


What's your favorite plant styling tip? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email to shira@loopliving.co and you might be featured too!



Want to be one of our next ambassadors? You can apply right here! Can't wait to hear from you.


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