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Plant care while you’re away- How to keep your plants alive

Plant care while you’re away- How to keep your plants alive

Going on vacation? Visiting a friend now that you finally can?

Sounds like fun! But if you’re anything like me, that fun is overshadowed by a deep sense of fear and anxiety with one looming question - will your plants be alright when you’re away?

The preparations that go into spending some days away from home can be stressful enough, so we thought we’d take one thing off your plate. 

We’re sharing our favorite tips for how to care for your plants while you’re away so you can enjoy your time away, stress free. 

We hope you find these helpful!

1. In the 10 days leading up to your trip, resist the urge to water and try to lengthen that dry spell as long as you can. I t try to do this all of the time to keep my plants on the same watering schedule (more or less) and what I’ve learned is that they can usually go without water longer than you think. This will allow you to water all of you plants thoroughly the day before you leave, and unless you’re leaving for more than a week should be enough.

Self watering planterSelf watering planters

2. Self Watering planters:

If you’re going on a short vacation, meet your favorite new plant sitter- the self watering planter!

Here’s how it works: you water your plants, the extra water goes down the drainage hole, and into a saucer placed under the drainage hole. When your plant’s soil is dry and thirsty again, the plant “drinks” the water from a cotton cord placed between the saucer and the pot. 

You can also fill those water reservoirs before you leave, so they can drink as much as they please when you’re away. It’s basically a straw for plants. Cool, right?

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self watering planterSelf watering planter

3. Self watering DIY for longer vacation

Going on a longer vacation and need larger water resevoirs? No problem! Take self watering to the next level with this self watering DIY. This one is a bit advanced, but is a total lifesaver. 

  • Take a bottle of water or large glass, and fill it up. 
  • Take a piece of synthetic rope- cut it so that it’s long enough to connect between the source of water and your plant.
  • Place one tip of the rope inside your glass so it’s immersed in water till the very bottom. Then take the other side of the rope, and plant it in your plant’s soil (it should be placed close to the surface, and not interfere with the roots of your plant).
  •  When your plant is thirsty, it will draw water with the rope. Viola! You just created a self watering DIY system that will sustain your plant while you’re away!

Got any more tips? Let us know in the comments or shoot us a DM on Instagram :)


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