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Pet Friendly Plants

Pet Friendly Plants

Photo credit: @kirsten.diane

Here are go-to picks for plants that are pet friendly (i.e, that aren’t toxic for your pets. They still shouldn’t eat too many of these):

pet friendly plant

Photo credit: @cozy.happy.home


Spider plants are great if you own pets for two reasons: they aren’t toxic, and are cascading so you can also hang them out of your pet's reach. They are low maintenance, perfect for beginners as they are pretty hard to kill and easy to bring back from the dead, and bonus: they are also really easy to propagate. 


pet friendly plant
XL cylinder planter Athena


The ultimate statement plant - This pet-friendly plant requires a little more skill than the spider plant, but it’s mesmerizing, oval-shaped leaves make it pretty irresistible- and luckily for your furry friends, it’s not toxic:) Watering this beauty is a bit tricky. It doesn’t like harsh water and will show you with crispy leaf edges. Keep the soil almost dry and not soggy, and mist or use a humidifier regularly (think - jungle).

 pet friendly plant
Freya cylinder planter

Pilea Plant

A windowsill favorite - also known the pancake plant or Chinese money plants, this one’s adorable and easy to care for. Water it when leaves are soft and droopy, and make sure you’re rotating it to get enough sunlight from all around so that it grows upright.

Which are your favorite pet friendly plants? Let us know in the comments below:)


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