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Our top three hanging indoor plants

Our top three hanging indoor plants

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the plant styling book: hanging a plant or two in your home can instantly transform your space, turning any bedroom or living room into an indoor oasis.

Drawing inspiration from our own plant parenting experience, here are our favorite hanging indoor plants ideas for enhancing your indoor garden aesthetic:)

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Monkey Monstera (or: Monstera Adansonii)

This trailing, tropical plant will bring a jungle-esque vibe to your home. Its funky leaves and welcoming nature make this plant a crowd favorite, and while it’s mildly toxic, hanging it up is a great solution if you have little humans or pets running around. For all these reasons, the monkey monstera is one of our favorite trailing indoor plants.

Wondering where to hang your Monstera Adansonii? We recommend your bathroom or kitchen- not only will it enhance your bedroom or kitchen aesthetic, you’ll also be doing your plant a favor; since it’s a tropical plant, originating from rainforests and jungle-like areas, this plant loves humidity. It’ll enjoy steam coming from cooking and the shower.

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Golden Pothos (or Devil's Ivy)

This plant is one of the best hanging indoor plants out there. It has the reputation of being a really easy plant to care for- and there’s a good reason for that! It’ll tell you when it’s thirsty (with sad droopy leaves), helping even beginners care for it with ease. And if you’re looking for hanging indoor plants that can handle low light, this plant thrives in bright indirect sunlight but can handle medium to low indirect light too.

When it comes to humidity- don’t sweat it! This plant can handle it. It’ll cascade beautifully, adding greenery to your living or bedroom aesthetic. It’s perfect for decorating your bedroom ceiling or bedroom wall. 

String of hearts

The string of hearts is perfect if you’re looking to bring into your home a more scandinavian- neutral feel. It’s also a perfect match if you’re interested in small hanging indoor plants- it’s dainty yet beautiful. With a hanging planter, the String of Hearts can cascade peacefully in your home. Not sure how to style it? We really love it with our cylinder planter as the heart-shaped leaves really compliment the modern shape.

What’s your favorite plant to hang? Have any plants you think we should add to our best hanging indoor plants list? Let us know in the comments below!

Wondering how to water high hanging indoor plants? Check out our hanging indoor plant watering tutorial.

Looking for the perfect pots for hanging indoor plants? Check out our hanging planter collection HERE.

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