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Our Five Favorite Plant Books

Our Five Favorite Plant Books

Our Five Favorite Plant Books

When you first think about plant care books you might imagine heavy encyclopedias with Latin names and botanical illustrations. While those probably exist and may be super interesting, it was interior design that introduced me to plants, so it only makes sense that my favorite plant books are all very much interior design books.

I often read them for plant care tips. Sure. But I also look to them for inspiration for my home - how to match plants to a certain mood, how to layer them in my space, and how to really create harmony between the design elements and the living ones. 

And hey, also make really great plant stands.

Here are my top five favorite plant books and what I love most about each one.

  1. Wild Interiors/ Hilton Carter

Wild Interiors Review

Hilton Carter recently released his new book Wild Interiors and it is probably my favorite plant book to date. He visits homes in locations all over the world, each space with its own unique vibe and limitations, and introduces the readers to creatives growing plants in their home. There are care tips, an entire section about conservatories you can visit on your next vacation, beautiful interior shots - but the thing that stands out most is Hilton's down to earth and approachable voice that makes you feel like he's your helpful friend with an infectious love of plants cheering you on.

It's a really fun book to read and re-read and you can find it here.


  1. Plant Style: How to greenify your space/ Alana Langan & Jacqui Vidal

Plant Style Book Review

Based in Australia, Ivy Muse is referred to as a botanical Emporium by its founders, Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal. They offer plants and plant accessories along with plant styling services. In this book, they share their plant care and plant styling knowledge.

    While a lot of plant books go into depth about plant care, Langan & Vidal offer so much more like how to style plants according to your style preference (Scandinavian, Boho, Modern etc.), group plants together in a way that compliments them and your home, and lots of additional tips and tricks. 

    Personally, I think this book is better for people with a little experience as it might be a bit overwhelming for beginners. I especially loved their actionable room-by-room tips.

    Find it here.

    1. Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants/ Igor Joifovic and Judith de Graaff

    Urban Jungle Review

    Urban Jungle Bloggers started out as a passion project and has evolved into a worldwide movement and community of plant enthusiasts. In their first book, founders Joifovic and de Graaff created an easy to follow guide including plant care tips, DIY projects, and home tours of inspirational plant growers around the world. While the book is packed with information it's easy to digest b/c of the way they've put it together. It's a great book for beginners, not too overwhelming and even empowering. You feel like everyone in it is telling you - you can do this too! And you really can.

    Find it here

      1. House of Plants/ Rose Ray and Caro Langton
    House of Plants Review


    This is a true plant lover’s book. It reads like a storybook with moody photos of apartments and greenhouses in the UK where the authors are based. You feel their love of plants through every page and the photos are beautiful to look at.

    This is my favorite book for plant care. It's more on the “encyclopedia” side with tips on growing all of the popular plants, what to do if you find yellowing or browning leaves or pests, fertilizing, and more. It’s the kind of book you reach for when you've got a question about a plant and aren't sure who to ask.

    Find it here.


    5. Decorating with Plants / Baylor Chapman

    Decorating with Plants Review

    This book is a Shelfie stylers dream. Lots of pretty plants, not all of them popular and well knows, and lots of pretty pots as well. I liked it for the bright photos and pretty styling. While there are also a lot of plant care tips, the design spoke to me even more. It's a great coffee table book, as you might see from the very visible coffee ring stain on my copy above.

    Find it here.


    I hope you find a book (or five) to bring into your home, and if you have any suggestions I'm always looking to grow my collection!


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