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How to style a shelf - tips from a pro

How to style a shelf - tips from a pro

We love styling shelves. More specifically, we love styling shelves with plants (because plants make everything better!).

Whether you’re styling shelves in the kitchen, in the living room or above your bed, a carefully placed plant has this magical ability to help bring your #shelfie to the next level, adding life and color to your space. 

Styling floating shelves

To help you on your shelf styling with plants endeavor, we asked Aubrey Figueroa, one of our favorite home decor influencers, for her best floating shelf styling tips. Here's what she had to say:

"I love styling small succulents and cacti with books on open shelving. You can add books underneath the plants to give smaller plants height.

how to style a shelf with plants


You can also lean them on their sides and use small planters as bookends!


Styling Shelves


Ready to style your shelves with a cacti or succulent? Our mini planters were designed with shelf styling in mind! You can shop them here>>


Looking for more inspo?

We’re so honored to be able to host @HelloImAubs on our blog this week. Aubrey is a Florida- based home decor and styling influencer. Her easy - to- follow styling tips, along with her phenomenal style and budget- friendly DIY’s, make her account one of our absolute favorites.  Check out her account for more styling tips and ideas!


Aubrey Figueroa

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