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Our 3 best small space living tips

Our 3 best small space living tips


Trying to design, let alone live in a small space, can be frustrating. If only you had a bit more room!  You might be craving more closet or even floor space (for your growing plant collection, of course:)), and find yourself daydreaming about moving, and we can’t begin to tell you how much that resonates with us. 

But small spaces are also an opportunity. They give you a chance to get creative, and wow everyone (yourself included) with your superior styling abilities and resourcefulness.

We asked our favorite small space experts for their best interior design tips for apartments and crowded spaces. We found their tips for small space living super insightful and easy to implement, and hope they help you craft a beautiful small space of your own.


Small space styling tips

A medical student by day, plant & home decor mastermind by night, Rachel Kathleen turns every apartment she settles into into a gorgeous, neutral- boho haven. She uses natural textiles, wood tones, and plants to design inspiring spaces. Her warm approach and genuine enthusiasm are part of what makes her so much fun to follow. She shared one of her best secrets for styling a small space:

“Always take advantage of the vertical space! You can use thumbtacks or command strips to hang decor if you can’t use screws”.

Check out Rachel’s IG here.

small space tips

Round planter

Rachel Valente has one of the prettiest small spaces we’ve seen. Her carefully curated home is filled with plants, gorgeous DIY’s, and she’s constantly reminding us that you don’t need a ton of space and or a huge budget to craft a beautiful home. Here was what she had to tell us:

“Choose furniture pieces that are raised above the floor and/or have tapered, thinner legs. Big furniture that sits really low to the ground or as one solid piece can take up more room and feel clunkier, so consider furniture pieces in the mid century or modern styles to keep things feeling fresh, airy, and more spacious”

Rachel’s IG is packed with great tips, hacks and inspiration, head over to her account to learn more:)


photo box

Monica Leed @simplyspaced

Monica Leed is an organizational guru and the CEO and owner of @simplyspaced, is an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on transforming cluttered minds and spaces. Here's Monica's favorite small space organization hack: 

“Save space and mental energy by organizing boxes and bins of old photos and albums into an archival photo box.  Lose the old mismatched, non-acid free albums, sort and organize by time, place, person or event. BONUS: Get your photos digitized and backed up after sorting. Your future self and space with thank you!”

Click HERE to learn more about the photo box:)

What’s your favorite small space hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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