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My Favorite Home Decor & Plant Influencers of 2021

My Favorite Home Decor & Plant Influencers of 2021

To celebrate the new year, I’m sharing our top 10 favorite home-décor & plant-enthusiast IG accounts. I hope they inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me, and help you welcome the new year with ideas for your own home. 

1. sweetbungalow

Sweetbungalow taught me that you don’t need a huge amount of space or a large budget to have a beautiful home. Her Modern- boho style home is filled with rubber plants, shades of dark- greens and powder pinks, and DIY projects (hello stenciled kitchen floors) that will get your creative juices flowing. Suzy will teach you how to make the most of your space while keeping it lighthearted and fun. 

Plant Hangers

photo credit: @sweetbungalow


2. thistle.harvest

Hannah from thistle.harvest has that magic touch (and green thumb) that turns everyone of her transformations to the kind you just have to share. From her infamous bookcase to stenciled bathroom tiles, Hannah creates a space that is timeless, classic, yet somehow that makes you feel like you’ve returned home. Like many of us, Hannah spent the last year renovating and DIYing, and she shares a lot of her process, tips, and insights on IG. Hannah’s style is (in her own words) a “mixture of Scandinavian, organic traditional, with a little splash of mid-century modern and boho thrown in”, and the outcome is breathtaking.

Plant Hanger

photo credit: @thistle.harvest

3. bettina_brent 

This Australian- based home décor influencer and mother of three is a constant source of inspiration. Just one look at that lush bathroom, inviting living room, and cocktails on her feed will help you get the notion that for Bettina, home décor isn’t just about art or style, it’s a way of life- highlighting and enjoying the little things along the way. 

Plant Hanger in bathroom

photo credit: @bettina_brent 

4. home.and.spirit

A bit of scandi, a bit of boho & lots of white….Erika’s take on texture, neutrals and earthy tones creates a beautiful, cozy aesthetic. Her home is bright and inviting, and she has a knack for layering that has me looking up “throw pillows” very, very often. I love how she places plants around her house, and she always has great styling tips.

Plant Lady

photo credit: @home.and.spirit

5. thekwendyhome

Hilarious lip-syncing videos with a plant-y background? Check!

Gorgeous plant-filled sunroom? Check!

Amazing DIY projects? Check check check!

I started following Wendy for the decor, and quickly fell in love with her antics. She’s fun, down to earth, and her interior style is much like her - bright and sunny.

Plant Sunroom

photo credit: thekwendyhome

6. workhardplanthard

A physician by day, San Diego’s Christine Kelso started her IG account when she was looking for a positive outlet, and ended up creating a positive outlet for all the rest of us too. She makes growing her many (many) plants look easy, and shares lots of tips on the way. I definitely recommend following her whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or just starting out. Christine has always been very supportive when it comes to my small business, leaving helpful comments on my posts, and I’m so thankful to her for that.

Plant Hanger Living Room

photo credit: workhardplanthard

7. HelloimAubs

Meet Aubrey, queen of shelfies (among her many other talents). Aubrey gives us a glimpse into her journey of home styling, slowly but surely turning her home into one that truly reflects her amazing personal style. I love seeing her grow and turn every corner of her home into a cozy work of art. Her IG account is filled with home décor tips and budget-friendly DIY ideas you can easily implement in your own home.

The earthy tones and great plant collection create a beautiful, neutral-boho aesthetic and all that natural light coming through makes me want to move to Florida. 

Mini Planter

photo credit: Helloimaubs

8. Jcdesign1.1

From helping you with your watering regime to killer home-office styling tips, Jennifer’s weekly Tuesday insights are golden. Neutral warm wood tones, beautiful pillows and rugs, and simple affordable DIY projects, this modern-boho account is chalk-full of inspiring and actionable tips you can work into your home this coming year. Every room is a breath of fresh air, and Jennifer makes it look effortless and easy.

Office Decor with Plants

photo credit: Jcdesign1.1

9. Jadesjunglegram

Plants are definitely the stars of this insta account. From huge Monsteras to snake plants to Philodendrons, Jade has a massive collection of plants, and you get to meet all of them! Jade lives in a 1920's renovation project turned urban jungle extravaganza, and I’m seriously in awe of all the magical corners and nooks she’s created with some plant-y help. Jade is constantly renovating her place, and I can’t wait to see what she does in 2021.

photo credit: Jadesjunglegram

10. Carlanatalia__

My favorite part about Carla’s IG? She’s a ton of fun! Her amazing plant collection, beautiful earth-toned color scheme, and gorgeous shelfies are a constant source of inspiration. She’s also a fierce mental- health advocate, using her platform to spread awareness and acceptance. Her stories crack us up and she makes styling your home seem fun, which is just what it should be.

Hanging Planter
photo credit: carlanatalia_

I’m always looking for more plant-y inspiration and beautiful home décor accounts. Have an account you love and would like to share? Let me know in the comments or via e-mail -elisheva@loopliving.co.

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