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Minimalist Holiday Table Setting

November 15, 2017

Minimalist Holiday Table Setting

I love having people over. We host large gatherings almost every Saturday - either in the evening or afternoon. I have to admit though, I do not have the time or the patience to make elaborate centerpieces, place cards, hang leaf chandeliers (yes, that's a thing) or any of the beautiful somewhat over-the-top ideas I see on Pinterest.

That being said, I do want our table to be inviting, festive, and just a beautiful and fun place to share a meal and conversation with people I care about.

So with the holidays coming up, I thought I'd share 5 quick and easy ideas to elevate your holiday table, without sending you to the craft store to spend an arm and a leg. The sweet spot where Minimalism and laziness intertwine can spark some design magic, so lets get started.

1.  Dark Tablecloths 

holiday table settingsPhoto via A Blog Named Scout 

Dark tablecloths, specifically linen, make such an impact. They are natural, festive, soft, easygoing - everything you want a tablecloth to be. With three little kids of my own and plenty of babies at the table, dark tablecloths look clean till the very end of your meal. I often buy linen by the yard and keep the edges un-sewn for that laid back (ahem, too lazy to sew edges) look.

2. Add some bling!

Holiday table setting

Image via Local Milk

Copper tumblers, brass cutlery, any metals that add some shimmer instantly elevate your holiday table. Pair them with a blush tablecloth and pile on the greens for a color palette that's sophisticated yet relaxed.

3. To The Left

Holiday table setting

Image via Lucky Malone Photography

Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected twist to make a rather ordinary place setting a bit special. Instead of centering plates over each other, align them to the left. Use the remaining space on the larger plate for a folded napkin, a flowery vine, or some herbs tied together with twine.

4. See Through

Holiday table settingImage via The Lane

While this may not be the most practical table covering, it was too beautiful not to include. If you've got a lovely hardwood table - show it off! Use a transparent tablecloth, and layer on thick linen napkins for contrast. I love the result - it's delicate but still bold, just perfect. (And look! Copper candle holders! Though they look like they may be a bit of a fire hazard:)

5. Use what you have

holiday centerpieceImage via Local Milk

So by now you know I'm not one for fancy centerpieces. I much prefer a natural table setting where people can see each other and not have to shout over pumpkin wreaths or exaggerated flower arrangements. 

But by putting in a bit of effort, you can set a mood to help your guests feel a part of something special.

The simplest idea is often the most beautiful. By taking different sized plant pots you might already have lying around the house and placing them in an intentionally messy row, you can create a table that feels like home. 

The most important part of these gatherings are the loved ones you share them with, don't let the stress of the holiday get in the way of that.

Happy Holidays,


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