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Layered Minimalism - Create The Look!

September 28, 2017

Layered Minimalism - Create The Look!

Layered Minimalism - Create The Look!

There is a lot you can learn from commercial photoshoots. Looking over the most inspiring home decor editorials, you can just feel how everything is placed so intentionally to create a certain ambiance. Understanding these intentions and how they're translated can help you capture the essence of scene without ending up with a cookie cutter interior. 

In other words - when you'd like to take inspiration don't ask what they used to create the image, ask why.

In this blog post I'll take you through our last photography session and show you how you can recreate the same atmosphere in your home without needing to buy everything.


Minimalist moodboard

My design philosophy at Loop is Layered Minimalism. We love a minimal space, but by layering on tactile textures and a few meaningful objects we believe you can create a room that feels personal, welcoming, and even sentimental.

The mood board above was our starting point for our latest photography session. Light, airy, and bright - here are a couple of ideas we had and how you can create Layered Minimalism in your home to evoke similar feelings.

1. Layered Depth 

  How to style a warm minimal interior

Trying to create layers and depth in a studio setting is hard. Everything is very flat and with no architectural detail. You may feel the same way in your home. But there are things you can do to bring rid yourself of that flatness and create a jaw-dropping interior that begs you in.

Styling Secret: One word - shadows. This is a well known photography secret - if you want to create depth and interesting overlays - you'll need shadowing. See how those white boxes cast a soft shadow on the wall? So does that large wood plank. So instead of pushing your sofa against the wall, nudge it forward to give it some breathing room. You can move your table or that chair too. They will all start casting soft shadows on the walls or on other pieces of furniture,  adding depth and even texture. Such a small change that makes the biggest difference.

2. Layered Colors

shelf styling with Loop

 Minimalist interiors are often believed to be stark white with pops of black, or one other bright color. But the secret to soft minimalism is contrasting muted tones with a larger neutral palette instead of just white. We used a gray green wall color and lots of wood pieces to be our "white" and soft muted pastels like a beautiful deep rose or a cool mint as our pops of color.

 Styling Secret: When building up your homeware collection, remember that having white dishware is like buying a grey sofa - it a makes it easier to add colour without suffering from visual overload. But don't use white alone to let your colored pieces shine. Add natural wood pieces to play down contrast, softening the palette it without washing it out. That way colours will still "pop" but in a soft way.

3. Layered Collections 

Styling a minimalist interior with plants

Minimalism and collections seems to be an oxymoron - but to me Minimalism is not about not having many things, but rather making sure the things you have are things you love.

How can you display you collections without it feeling cluttered? It's all about balance. 

Styling Secret : The secret to creating a balanced display is grouping. Split your collection in small groups - displaying similar plants or planters together creates easy-on-the-eye repetition, placing grouping at different heights and on trays create hierarchy and gives them room to breathe, layering on glass bottles adds depth that doesn't overload. All of these ideas will add a rhythm to your display, keeping it interesting but not cluttered.


I hope one of these ideas will inspire you to create a layered minimalistic scene in your home. If that happens do share!




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