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Tips for Keeping Your Succulents Alive (And Thriving)

Tips for Keeping Your Succulents Alive (And Thriving)

When someone looks for an easy house plant to grow, most people automatically recommend succulents, the "ultimate plants for beginners". These strikingly beautiful plants need very little water and are resilient, so what could go wrong?

Turn out - quite a lot! 

If you’ve ever had a hard time growing succulents and feel a bit defeated, it's ok! While it might not be as simple as you've been promised, it can be easy - once you know how. 

Here are three tips for keeping your succulents happy and thriving:)

Our Oak tray is a great place to display small succulents

1. Know your plants natural habitat

You always want to know about a plant’s natural surroundings, so you can mimic what they received in nature in your home. Most succulents come from dry areas like deserts and are used to receiving very little water compared to other plants. Just look at those thick leaves - all full of water:)

To make them feel at home, make sure to water them a lot less than you would water other plants. You can look to their leaves to know when they need watering - they will look a bit shriveled. Not sure? Stick your finger deep into the soil and check to see that is completely dry. Brown or yellow spots on the leaves mean you've watered them too much.


how to grow succulents
Cacti is actually a type of succulent, find our mini planters here

2. Where should you place them?

Easy to care for does not equal low light! That's a common mistake, and one you won't want to make. Remember we talked about their natural habitat? So many come from the desert! And while some succulents can also flourish in a place with indirect sunlight they still need to be placed in a bright spot like a windowsill or in a bright sunlit room.


Try our mini hanging planter for cacti, they look so cute in here!

3. How should you water them?

Succulents don't like having drops of water on their leaves, so I like watering them from below. I pour water into a bowl and place the planter with the succulent in that bowl.  The plant will drink through its irrigation hole (of course our planters have an irrigation hole!) and you can watch the water in the bowl slowly go down. That way their roots get all the water they need and the rest of the water stays in the bowl. Just don't forget them there!


A couple of succulents really make a workspace pop!

4. Bonus! What soil should you plant them in?

Because succulents are so prone to root rot from excess water, you will want to plant them in soil mixed with perlite, or with a cacti soil mix you can buy at your nursery. This kind of soil has bits and pieces mixed in them which leave the soil pockets of air. That will ensure the soil dries quickly, which is better for this plant.

Good luck and let us know how it goes on Instagram @loopliving 


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