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Inspiration is Everywhere

October 26, 2016

Inspiration is Everywhere

A while back I was a interviewed by Etsy on their website as a featured seller. One question that stood out to me was about my process - where and when do I develop new designs.


brass bowl

That might seem like a pretty straightforward question, but for me it wasn't. As a mother to three kids (at the time I was expecting my third, about the same time we put this video for our about section together, you can see me working the saw with my 6 month belly:) I really don't have a whole lot of time to sit and sketch like I used to. I actually do most of my "sketching" in my head, usually while driving.

brass bowl


My new brass bowl design was not only developed during a long drive, the idea came to me from the road itself.


My parents live in Jerusalem, and on my way there I pass something that can only be described as a satellite farm. Like something out of a a sci-fi movie, tons of satellites in all sizes face the sky, or each other, or nothing at all. It's always peaceful and eery, and when we drive by everyone gets really quiet in the car and just looks out the window. (That's pretty unusual for a family with three kids)

I'm not quite sure why they are there, and I don't want to Google it b/c it would ruin what I imagine them to be doing. But the way they lean towards each other, or lean back facing the sky - they look so much like a group of people listening quietly - I love how human they seem.

brass planters

So when I started working on the brass bowls, I wanted them to seem like people too. Something about them being able to face each other or turn another way. They can face the light, or face you - I love it when objects have a personified feel, but in a very subtle hinted way.

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Until next time,




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