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How to water a hanging planter

How to water a hanging planter

Hanging planters

Hanging indoor planters are beautiful, but, uh, how do you actually water an indoor hanging plant? And how do you water it without getting water all over your floors and carpets? 

Don’t worry- we got you covered! We’ve created a Q&A to help you water your hanging plants with ease.  Your blooming indoor garden is one blog post away!

Q: What's the best way to water hanging plants? Can I water my hanging plant while it’s hanging or should I take it down to water it?

A: You should do both! For regular quick waterings you can water your hanging plant while it’s still hanging, but try to take it out every once in a while for a thorough watering. This way you can also get a closer look at it, see how your plant is doing, and even dust off its leaves every once in a while. 

Hanging planters

Q: If I’m taking my hanging planter down, where should I be watering it?

A: The sink or bathtub. You can also water it outside in the garden- whatever works for you. Watering it in these places will allow you to make a mess and really hose it down. 

Hanging planter


How much water should I be using to water my hanging indoor planter and how do I know if I’m overwatering?

A: Overwatering means watering too frequently , not using too much water. When you water your plant is ready for watering, you’ll want to water it until the water comes out of the drainage hole and the soil is fully wet. That way the water washes away any of the unwanted minerals and salts in the soil, and doesn’t get logged at the roots.

Q: How do I avoid wetting my floors and rugs when I’m watering my hanging plants?

A: A good planter always has a drainage hole (this is important for your plant’s health sake). The problem a lot of people face with hanging planters is that when they water their plant, the water drips straight through the drainage hole and creates a mess.

If the question of how to water indoor hanging plants without dripping has boggled your mind for a while, don’t worry- we have the perfect solution for you - our smart planters!  Unlike many planters, and especially “designer” planters, ours has a drainage hole AND a designated cup placed right underneath your plant, which means that if you water the plant while hanging, the excess water will drip into the cup, instead of all over your new carpet or floor. 


Hanging ceiling planter

Hanging planter ceiling

How do I know when my plant needs watering? 

A: As a rule of thumb, stick your finger into the soil and water it when it’s completely dry. There are some plants that prefer moist soil, Google can help you out if you’re not sure what your plant prefers. So now you may be thinking, is there any other way that I can check without getting my finger super dirty? With our planters, there is.

Because our planter is made of super lightweight aluminum, when the solid is dry it will be very light. When the soil is wet, the planter will be very heavy. So you can lift it a bit and see how heavy it is to know how dry/wet the soil is. Over time you’ll learn exactly when to water it, depending on the weight of your planter when you pick it up.

self watering planter


What should I do about watering my hanging planter when I’m out of town?

Our hanging planter has a self watering mechanism, which helps you care for your plant more easily. With our planter, the excess water drips into the matching saucer placed under the planter, and then, when the plant is thirsty again, it drinks from the saucer with a special chord. You can think of our planter as the ultimate plant nanny -your plant still needs it’s parent, but when you're out of town for the weekend, someone is still watching out for it. 

Q: how to water high hanging indoor plants?

A: This is a tricky one for sure. You can either use a ladder or a stool to get to higher hanging plants. Button watering also makes things easier, so make sure to check out our hanging planter that allows you to easily water your plants from the bottom. For higher hanging plants, our self watering system will also ensure that you don’t have to water your plants as often. 

So now that we’ve answered your plant watering woes, check out our new hanging planter that will help you turn your home into a lush urban jungle. Click here to see our new hanging ceiling planter.

Ceiling planter

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