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How to style your indoor plants

How to style your indoor plants

If you've been feeling like your plant groupings are looking a bit messy, we totally get it. Trying to figure out how to style lots of gorgeous plants in a way that allows each of them to shine is no easy task. 


How to style indoor plants


We love learning from the pros, so we asked Brad Canning from @leafylane to help us out. Brad created an urban jungle paradise and his IG feed is filled with incredible plant- styling inspo, and greenery care tips. When Brad isn’t styling his plants, he’s busy growing them. He’s especially known for his Avocado propagation techniques. 

Here’s what he had to say:

“I always ensure my plants are grouped in different heights and types. If you have a taller plant at the back and then you can have your shorter plants at the front. This ensures there’s no one solid mass of plants at one height which can look messy. Using plant stands and blocks of wood also help prop up smaller plants.”


How to Propagate an Avocado

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You can use Brad’s tip when styling a gallery wall (we love how he styled our hanging planter here), shelves with plants, or any other area where you group a few plants together. Using strategic placement can go a long way - think of it as layering.


How to grow Avocados


And if you, like us, are obsessed with Brad’s beautiful Avocado babies, check out our Plant-Lover gift set, complete with our signature propagation cone, metal shears, a glass to propagate in and out illustrated guide to get you started.


How to Propagate an Avocado


Thanks so much to Brad for sharing his work and tips with us! 

Got some plant styling tips of your own? We’d love to hear from you, send us an email and maybe you’ll be featured in our blog:)


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