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How to style a home office

How to style a home office

Photo credit: @cozy.happy.home

Working from home can be HARD. With millions of little distractions- dishes, laundry, people (big and small) needing your attention...

All there little distractions can make it really hard get anything done (believe us, we've been there...) ! That's why it's so important to carve out a space that will help you not just focused, but also stay inspired throughout the day. To help you carve out that much-needed space, here are our favorite home office styling tips:

🌿 Coffee, pens, notes...desks have a tendency of getting cluttered quickly. Minimize the jumble by choosing a neutral color scheme. The wood can add warmth while the white creates a clean, calm aesthetic. And we'll never say now to greenery.

hanging planterPhoto credit: @cozy.happyhome

🌿 Plants, plants, plants.
Plants can help you boost productivity, creativity, clear the air and reduce stress. The ultimate work buddy.

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hanging plantPhoto credit: @cozy.happy.home

🌿 If you can, place your desk next to a window. The bright light coming through will help make you and your office plants happier.

Hanging planter

Photo credit: @cozy.happyhome

 🌿 Want to take your office styling up a notch? Match your coffee cups and water bottle to your general decor.

Thank you Jenna @cozy.happy.home
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