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How to style a beautiful living room

How to style a beautiful living room

Photo credit: thistle.harvest

When I think of dreamy living rooms, my mind automatically drifts to Hannah @thistle&harvest’s gorgeous living space. It’s cozy, timeless and classic, and all around one of my all time favorites. I decided to take a closer look at how this beautiful space came to life. Here are my key takeaways:

Plants + books= magic
Plants have this unique ability to add life and harmony anywhere they’re placed. Combined with books, the space is elevated to a whole new level. The outcome makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a 19th century living room with a contemporary twist.

Plant Hanger

Photo credit: thistle.harvest

The bookcase
If you’re wondering how Hannah’s bookcase looks so flawless, take a closer look. You’ll notice the book covers are color coordinated, in shades of green, beige, white and grey, matching the color scheme in the room. Some of the books are even placed with their pages facing out,, allowing their creamy color to coordinate well with the other.

Bonus Tip: When you buy books take their jacket off - the cover is usually a lot nicer. Bonus tips - buy older books at thrift shops for some extra character. 

Hanging planter

Photo credit: thistle.harvest

Color Palette
A neutral color palette is one of the staples of any Scandinavian home. The color scheme in Hannah’s living room is filled with earthy tones combined with dark green. The intentional layering gives the space a sophisticated and classy look, while the pink undertones provide a soft, subtly feminine (and even romantic) feel. 

What did you think of Hannah’s space?

Let us know in the comments below!

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