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How to not kill your plants while practicing social distancing

How to not kill your plants while practicing social distancing

First off, I hope wherever you are you are safe and healthy. 

Given the circumstances, a lot of us are spending most of our time confined in our homes.
I haven't been outside of the house in 10 days (!!!!).
If you're feeling restless, you might find yourself giving your plants a little too much attention and a little too much love. What do I mean by that?
For a lot of us, caring for plants = watering them.
But watering plants more than what they actually need will 100% result in killing them.
So I've made a list of 3 ways to care for your plants that will definitely not kill them - they will help them thrive! They will also calm you down, and help you stay grounded and present. Sound good? Lets dive in!

1. Remove dead leaves

Plant care tips

Dead leaves are completely normal. It doesn't mean your plant is dying, no need to feel like a failure. Some leaves die and that's ok. But you should definitely remove them as they "suck" energy from the plant who is still trying to care for them. No need for that, right? Removing them will shift the plants energy to maintaining the living leaves and growing new ones.
How do you remove them? If they are dry and crumbly I do it with my hand, but it's best to use sharp scissors and cut them from the stem. 

2. Dust those leaves

Plant care tips

This one is great for quarantine b/c it takes a while and you never get around to it - until now:) If you remember anything from fourth grade science I hope it's Photosynthesis. Plants take in light through their leaves. They need to breathe. If they are full of dust - it's really hard for them to do that. Dusting them off isn't just for show (even though bright shiny leaves are a lot lovelier), it really helps them.
How to dust leaves: I take a clean rag with water and hold the back of the leaf against my hand. Then I clean the front of the leaf making sure to be really careful not to rip them. Some people use mixtures with Apple Cider vinegar but I've never tried so I can't recommend it (yet!).

3. Rotate!

plant care tips

Plants naturally lean towards the sun. If you have one source of light in a room, say a big window like me, You'll soon find your plants are lopsided, growing towards the sun all tilty and weird. It's best to rotate them from time to time to make sure they are getting equal sun. This is especially true for leaves with pattern (variegated) like the Pothos in the photo above. Can you see how the top leaves that have been away from the sun are completely green with no white? That will change now that they get some sun.

How to rotate: You don't need me for that, just turn them around:)

I hope you find some comfort in your plants during these strange times, I know I do.
Stay safe and stay home!



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