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How to Live Like A Minimalist

How to Live Like A Minimalist

Minimalism is often thought of as having less things. But for people with a sentimental approach to objects - it can be difficult to pare down to just the essentials. The key lies in defining what's essential to you and more importantly - making sure you're getting the most out of it rather than just plain hoarding. 

living room storageWhen you have a ton of pretty books you can easily get stuck just reading the same three.

Maybe you love having lots of coffee mugs, or collecting wood spoons, or art prints. Maybe your kids love all of their toys and aren't ready to part with the. (I know mine aren't).

The solution is finding a way to make sure your things aren't just sitting collecting dust.

In one word - Rotation.

In my house we use the rotation system for kids and grown ups alike. Basically it means the things I love rotate between 2-3 designated places making sure we're using everything. For example, my design book collection rotates between the bookshelf, the coffee table, and a small basket by the couch. Every once in a while I switch it up, making sure each book gets a turn on the coveted spot on the coffee table  so I remember I actually own it and no book gets forgotten.


kids toy storageLots of toy rotation going on Nynne's house, see more here

Same idea for toys - we store most of the toys behind cabinet doors, while 2-3 storage baskets stay out in the open. These are the the toys the kids see, so this is what the play with most. Once in a while I'll switch them with the stored toys, and bring out the toys they've forgotten about. I've even read that some people have a toy basket for each day (ie Mondays cars, Tuesdays blocks etc) but we're a bit more spontaneous than that.

You can use the rotation system for Art, pretty dishes, shelf displays, anything really. And when you see certain things aren't making it into rotation, that's the time to bit them farewell. 

The rotation method is a great way to really understand what you need and love, and along with our storage baskets it will also help keep your house neat and tidy.

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