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How to display indoor plants?

How to display indoor plants?

Spring is in full bloom and that makes us want to do a lot of things we didn’t feel like doing when it was cold and rainy.


Embrace the sunny days and go out on adventures.

Bring nature inside too with a million new houseplants.

But how do you style a gazillion plants in a way that feels intentional an not messy?

We asked our wonderful photographer and home decor friend, Jessica Baggett @jessoliverbaggett, to help us get one step closer to mastering the art of plant styling and share her gorgeous plant styling tips with us. 

Mini planters


Here were her top recommendations:

Planter collection
  • Same color planters create a cohesive look
  • Keep the planters in the same color family. The majority of my planters are white or terracotta. When there are too many different colors then it starts to look cluttered and less intentional.”

    See our all- white planter collection here.

    Our Mini planters

    Our mini planters

  • Different sized planters for variety & interest
  • Vary the sizes. I like to have one or two large statements plants per a room then sprinkle in some medium and small plants (no limit ) making sure they are on varying levels, so I can see a plant or two at all times.

    Hanging planter

    Hanging planter

  • Trailing plants can fill any blank space
  • Use a trailing plant to fill blank space. I personally don’t like to have art work on every wall in a room. I typically leave one blank wall but will have a hanging plant to fill the gap. Maybe your art piece doesn’t fill the wall as much as you’d like, add a trailing plant to fill the empty space.”




  • Make sure your plants are happy!
  • The most important tip of all is putting the plant where they are happiest. If they require more light, make sure they’re closer to a window. If they are easily burned, move them further away. 

    We hope you find Jess’s tips helpful! What’s your favorite tip for styling your plants in a cohesive way?

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