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How To Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

June 15, 2017

How To Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

How To Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

Being a night owl and extremely sleep deprived, I’ve been doing some reading recently about sleep, specifically  on how important it is for staying healthy, happy and creative.

That got me to thinking if there’s anything I can do to convince myself to go to bed earlier (instead of working, or Netflix-ing, or aimlessly wandering on social media) and just as important - to make sure I sleep well.

I know it’s easier for me to fall asleep when the room is neat, so what else can be done in the bedroom design wise to encourage better sleep?

A couple of hours and many many more bedroom photos later, these are my five top picks for how to design a bedroom that encourages better sleep.


 1. Have a Place for Everything

bedrooms that induce sleep Clockwise from top left: A simple box shelf is perfect for a stack of books via Grey Deco // Soft felt baskets hold extra blankets or books and can be tucked under furniture via My Unfinished Home // Use wall hooks in the bedroom too via Made in Persbo //  Low benches are great for small bedrooms via Remodelista


A cluttered room really does clutter the mind. Look around your bedroom right now - does everything have a designated spot? Having storage solutions out and ready for the clutter, whether it’s a chair for clothes, a basket for magazines, and a shelf for your phone ipad or laptop means your mind can rest. No unfinished business to attend to, you can really wind down and fall asleep quickly. 


 2. Choose Your Essentials

 Bedrooms that encourage sleepEssentials for the bedroom include things that you need like a reading lamp, but also things that make you happy, like a wreath (via Coco Lapin) or a wooden hand (via Domino)

I talk about essentialism a lot, because it’s something we strongly believe in at Loop Design. Understanding what is essential to you and keeping only those things will not only guarantee a calm and tranquil environment but also one you really love to be in. Choose your bedside table essentials carefully and with purpose. Think about what you need (like a book or a lamp) but also about what makes you happy - a pretty tray, a plant or a photo - anything that will make you worry less and smile more right before you doze off.


 3. Rich Textures

 Bedroom TexturesClockwise from left: Subtle textures Via Homy Oh My // Linen Heaven Via Home Edit // Layered Textures via My Scandinavian Home // Knit Pillow and Wicker Basket adds depth via My Scandinavian Home

While I’m all for using color in your home (although I’m more of a monochrome-ist myself) the bedroom is a good place for a more subtle pallet. This does not have to mean a boring bedroom - play it up with rich textures. Textures will give a depth to your room you couldn’t even imagine existed. Try linen sheets, a fuzzy throw, furry pillow - the more the merrier, as long as you make sure they are all in the same color palette. 

 4. Plants In The Bedroom

plants in the bedroom

 Clockwise from left: A potted plant on a bedside table via Yenmag  // If you don't have a green thumb branches in a vase via @Leantims // Use a pretty bowl on the windowsill // Hang planters if your bedroom is small

We're big fans of houseplants at Loop. In fact we have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to living with plants. And although there is a bit of a debate on houseplants in the bedroom because they emit carbon dioxide at night, most believe that since it's such a small amount and that they also purify air and boost energy - it's a go.

I deeply believe in the energy they give, they are so beautiful to look at and constantly changing. Plant in a small pot on the windowsill or hang one from the wall in a small bedroom.


If you have any ideas or tips on how to encourage sleep using good design share them with us in the comments!


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