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Gift guide 2021

Gift guide 2021

Somehow, it’s almost 2022 which means gifting season is right around the corner. And while I love anything gift related, I know that the quest to find unique, thoughtful gifts (that’ll also arrive on time) can be a challenging one!

To alleviate some of that stress and help you get the PERFECT gifts this holiday season, I created a gift guide with some curated pieces I think you’re going to love. I hope it’s helpful, and that you find gifts that’ll make your favorite peeps feel extra special this year. 

hanging planter

For your friend who just moved into
her first home 

Moving is all about fresh starts, a blank canvas just waiting to come to life. 

And what better way to bring a home to life than to grow a plant on your wall! Our signature hanging planter design will help your friend elevate her new space in minutes, and bonus, she’ll think of you every time she sees.


shelfie bundle

For your mom

If you’re looking to get something special for mom, we recommend checking out oir shelfie bundle. It’s a whole bunch of gifts thoughtfully packed together, and the touch of brass makes it feel extra fancy.. It includes a beautiful handcrafted Oak tray, a brass mister that’ll help her take care of her plants, and our mini planter Ella to plant her favorite small plant.


mini hanging planter

For your favorite co-worker

Whether you’re still working from home part-time or are back in the office for good, working with people you enjoy being with makes a huge difference. 

Help brighten up your favorite coworker’s everyday with a mini hanging planter to hang by her desk. It will will make her smile and keep her company, just like you do:)


mini planter

For your sister who lives far away

Being apart from family can be really hard! If you wish you could bring your sister something special to tell her how much you love her- we can help you out! Pick out one of the items in our collections and leave us a bit with your order of what you’d like to tell her. We’ll send her a handwritten note along with the design of your choice so it will feel like you’re giving it to her in person.. As for what you should get? We think she’ll love this shiny brass our Maia &Juno mini planter duo for her kitchen shelves.


For your someone special

Give your special someone the gift that keeps on giving- a propagation kit that’ll help them grow  an entire Urban Jungle in your home. It includes a glass, metal shears for cuttings, a propagation cone, and an illustrated guide showing you how to propagate three different plants to get started. You’ll be able to grow lots of little plant babies you can both love and care for together:)) 


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