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Getting your plants ready for the colder months 

Getting your plants ready for the colder months 

photo credit: @rachlvalente

Plants need four things to survive: soil, sunlight, and water, and food (some research suggests they also need love, but that’s for a different blog post:)). Even though they will always need these three things, the amounts change with the changing of the seasons. In this blog post, we’ll go over the adjustments you need to make to your plant-care regime come Autumn to set your plants up for success.  

These are our top three tips for helping your plants survive the colder months:

ceiling planter
ceiling planter

1. Watering schedule: If you’ve been following us for a while, you know nothing annoys us more than when someone tells you to water your plants every x days. Watering should always be based on the plant’s soil. The way to do this is to insert your finger into the soil, and check for dry-moist soil according to your plant’s needs. (Helpful hint - most plants need to be watered when their soil is fully dry) During the colder months, solid takes a lot longer to dry, meaning your plants will need less water. Keep checking that soil, and don’t be alarmed if some plants only need water every three weeks, that’s totally normal.

luna planterRound planter Luna

2. Here goes the sun...
Fall and winter can change the lighting conditions in your home. If there’s less sunlight, you might want to move your plants closer to the window. 

plant stand

3. Fertilizing: When you fertilize your houseplants, you’re giving them a mixture of minerals that’ll help them grow. This is why you should be fertilizing regularly during spring and summer when your houseplants are in their growing period. During the colder months, your plants are going into dormancy and won’t need fertilizer at all. That means Fall was the last chance to fertilize your plants, so you shouldn't be fertilizing them at the moment, just letting them be:)

How do you get your plants ready for fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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