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Fiddle Leaf Fig care - the ultimate guide

Fiddle Leaf Fig care - the ultimate guide

 It’s hard not to swoon over the fiddle leaf fig. Its dramatic look and lush leaves have earned it a worthy spot as the IT plant for quite some time. But caring for fiddle leaf figs isn’t an easy task, as they can be a bit finicky (or even downright Divas). So how do you care for fiddle leaf figs, ensuring they stay happy, healthy, and as beautiful as they were when you first set your eyes on them in the nursery? Don’t go anywhere, we’ve here to answer all your most burning fiddle leaf fig questions.


Do fiddle leaf figs need direct sunlight?

Fiddle leaf figs do best in bright indirect light. Sunlight in the morning or late afternoon is OK. 

How often should I water my fiddle leaf fig?

You should water your Fiddle leaf fig thoroughly when the soil is completely dry. You can also tell if your fiddle leaf fig is thirsty by looking at its leaves - if its leaves look all sad and droopy instead of standing upright, your fiddle leaf fig is probably thirsty.

Should I mist my fiddle leaf fig?

Fiddle leaf figs LOVE humidity. They originate from tropical rainforest, meaning they thrive in a humid environment. Help your plant feel at home by misting it regularly using our beautiful plant mister.

 Are fiddle leaf figs hard to keep alive?

Fiddle leaf figs are hard to keep alive, but it’s really worthwhile if you’re looking for a beautiful statement plant that never goes out of style. 

 Watering Fiddle leaf fig 

Do fiddle leaf figs like bottom watering?

Fiddle leaf figs actually prefer bottom watering. If you’ve never heard of bottom watering before, it’s a watering technique where you set the plant’s pot in the sink, a container with water, or in a self watering planter, so the plant’s soil can absorb water from the bottom. All our planters are self watering, make sure to check out our large cylinder planter Athena if you'd like a self watering planter large enough to contain your fiddle leaf fig.

When you trim your Fiddle Leaf, plant a stem with a leaf in the soil. There’s a good chance it will root and you’ll have a great gift to bring next time you’re invited somewhere.

Why are my fiddle leaves drooping?

There can be a few reasons for this, and it’s completely normal and easy to fix.

  1. Incredibly dry soil- underwatering your fiddle leaf can result in droopy leaves. Make sure to check up on your fiddle leaf fig and water it once the soil is dry. If the soil is very dry, a good soak is in order.

  2. Not enough humidity- Help your fiddle leaf fig feel at home by misting it regularly. Check out our plant mister here.

When is Fiddle Leaf Fig growing seaon?

Fiddle leaf figs tend to be happiest during the spring and the summer, when the weather is warmer. During these months, healthy fiddle leaf figs usually grow new leaves every four to six weeks.

Can the Fiddle Leaf Fig handle low light?

No, unlike some other plants we know, this one is particular about its lighting conditions and will be quite unhappy without any sunshine. Make sure to place it in a spot with lots of bright, indirect light.

What should I do if me Fiddle Leaf Fig has yellow leaves?


Yellow leaves are one of the most common problems fiddle leaf parents face. It can be caused by a number of reasons, the most prominent being overwatering. Too much water (especially if your plant pot does not have sufficient drainage) can cause root rot - resulting in a very unhappy plant and yellowing leaves. 

Another reason your fiddle leaf might be unhappy has to do with lighting. Make sure you put your fiddle leaf fig in a spot with lots of bright indirect sunlight.


Have any more fiddle leaf care quesions?

Let us know in the comments below!

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