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February 19, 2017

Cozy Minimalism

I'm not sure if it's an actual movement, but I've been seeing this look around Pinterest and Instagram lately - and I LOVE it.

The Cozy Minimalist by Loop Design

These bright and airy spaces look so warm and inviting, but at second glance are almost empty. So how do they achieve that warm and fuzzy feeling when they are actually quite minimalistic? And how can we do it too?

The Cozy Minimalist by Loop Design
To get the look - pair furniture with clean lines and a monochrome palette of white and grey with soft textures and natural elements. Wood on wood, plenty of white for bouncing off light, and carefully chosen textured fabrics (tassels give you bonus points!) will do the trick. Always count at least three different textures in each room (and remember - cookies are textures too:)

All of these photos are taken by @refinendesign on Instagram. If you like this looks you should definitely be following her!

Our products featured here are the popular felt storage basket and the Oak tray.


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