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Best styling secrets from the pros: Part 2

Best styling secrets from the pros: Part 2


From using vertical spaces to propagation tips- our brand ambassadors have the BEST ideas when it comes to plant styling. We asked them to share their favorite ones, here’s what they had to say:

plant stylingPhoto credit:@honeyandhomedesigns


“Try placing your plants in a variety of spots and heights throughout your home! Some could be hanging off your wall, others could be placed on a stool or on a table to give visual interest and to make your plants feel happy in their own dedicated spot!”

Candy @honeyandhomedesigns’s beautiful account is filled with earthy tones, natural vibes and stunning plants. She’s bound to win you over with her smart DIY’s and inviting approach. You can find out more about here HERE.

styling plantsPhoto credit: @bex.plants


“My favorite propagation hack is to place a fresh plant cutting with an existing plant cutting that already has roots growing- this helps speed up the growth of roots on the new cutting!”

If you like plants, you’re gonna love Bex. She has some of the prettiest plants we’ve ever seen, and her DIY leaf shine tutorial is genius. You can find out more about her HERE.

Photo credit:@midmodathome


One of the best home decor tips I have is to really use your vertical space! Especially if you're renting, or in a smaller space. It not only makes your space feel more homey, but it can also make it look bigger by drawing your eyes upward. Which is the reason why the loopliving hanging planters are my fav!”

Click to shop our hanging planters! 


 Sarah from @midmodathome is a small business owner and interior decor creative, and she has a million gorgeous plants! And if documenting the un-makeover of a bathroom makeover is any indication, she’s really funny too.


What's your favorite styling tip hack? Let us know in the comments below.



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