Best plant care tips for the Stromanthe 'Trio Star'

 Best plant care tips for the Stromanthe 'Trio Star'


The Stromanthe is one of the most captivating plants out there. With its colorful leaves and striking shapes, this beautiful, albeit spoiled plant will bring any corner to life. The pretty pink leaves make this plant worth the hassle, and with a few winning plant care tips,  you'll be able to take care of this majestic plant easily and watch it thrive. 


Trio Star plant care
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Stromanthe Care & styling Tips


Most Calatheas’ thrive in a well-lit spot, but keep it out of direct sunlight as that will scorch the leaves.


Calatheas’ are sensitive to harsh water. Rain water is best, but you can try letting tap water sit overnight, or boil it and let it cool.el


Brown, crisp edges might be signaling that the water you’re using is too harsh.

Tips & tricks

This plant is happiest in high humidity. A naturally lit bathroom or a humidifier will set it up for success.

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