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Best plant care tips for succulents

Best plant care tips for succulents


If you’re looking for the perfect indoor plant for beginners- succulents are a good bet. Even if you’ve killed a few plants in the past and aren’t sure if you have the time or energy to care for another living being, don’t worry! We think you can handle the succulent. It comes from a desert-y climate, meaning it will thrive on water neglect. Succulents also come in a rainbow of shapes and sizes, and will add a jungle-esque, vibrant vibe to any room around your home.

We’ve gathered our favorite succulent plant care tips to help your succulent thrive:) 

succulent plant care guide


Succulent Care & Styling Tips


Succulents love light, even direct sunlight. Think windowsill, or a bright corner in a well lit room.


Watering does not equal love! Let the soil dry completely between watering, and if you’re not sure - wait more. If it looks sad it’s probably due to overwatering - so resist that urge!


Over-watering is the enemy of this plant, so make sure your pot has an irrigation hole (like our planters) to avoid letting the roots get waterlogged.

Tips & tricks

Lose a leaf? Propagate it! You can lay a fallen leaf on damp soil, making sure to keep it damp. After a while baby roots will form and pretty soon you'll be able to plant a brand new succulent.


Succulent care

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