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Best plant care tips for Monkey Monsteras

Best plant care tips for Monkey Monsteras


Monkey Monsteras have a special charm about them, with their uniquely shaped leaves and quirky, lovable nature. If you've already been acquainted with plants and want to level up your houseplant decor, this trailing, tropical plant will give your home a beautiful jungle-esque feel. 

To help you create your indoor jungle, we gathered our favorite plant care tips for the Monkey Monsteras. We hope you find them helpful, and say hi to your Monkey from us!


Monstera Monkey Care & Styling Tips


The Monstera Monkey thrives in bright indirect light. While some direct sunlight is ok, too much of it will scorch the leaves.


Water once the top inch of the soil is dry. The soil should be damp but not soggy. This plant thrives in high humidity, so mist its leaves frequently or use a humidifier.


This plant is mildly toxic, keep away from pets and small humans, or hang it high and out of reach.

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Since it likes humidity, your new plant will find a happy home in your bathroom or kitchen, absorbing the steam from the shower and cooking.

Monkey Monstera Plant CareWall plant hanger


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