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Best mother's day gift for plant lovers

Best mother's day gift for plant lovers

With mother’s day around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to acknowledge all our plant mamas (and papas) out there- caring for their babies, excited for every new furl, propagation and sprout. 

To celebrate properly, here are our top 4 recommendations for mothers day gifts you can give to your favorite plant mom. All the designs are in stock and ready to ship, make sure to place your order this week if you'd like your design to arrive on time!

Propagation cone

Propagation cone

More plant babies = happy plant mom! Propagating plant cuttings and Avocado’s is easy and beautiful with our plant-lover’s gift set complete with a handcrafted aluminum cone, metal shears, glass and printed guide.

Gift card for plant lovers

Plant lover Gift card

Some people just like choosing their own gifts (guilty, lol). If your plant mama is a bit particular, giving her a gift card for our selection of planters and plant accessories will help her fulfill allll her plant- styling dreams, exactly the way she envisioned them.


Plant hanger

Our signature Hanging planter

Our signature hanging planter can help plant lovers not only style their plants, but also care for them and help them thrive. Our self- watering mechanism is guaranteed to get your plant peeps excited- with a separate saucer for excess water, preventing the roots from rotting AND acting as a water reservoir when the plant gets thirsty again. The mechanism keeps plant babes happy and healthy.

Mini plant hanger

Mini plant hanger + planter

One of our cutest designs and a Loop Living staff favorite, guaranteed to bring out all the ‘awww’s and ‘sooo cuuuute’! 

Hope you enjoyed our recommendations! Our collection is filled with gifts for plant lovers. From shelves for plant styling to propagation kits, we have something for every plant person. Click to browse more ideas:)

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