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Ambassador series: Arami Silva

Ambassador series: Arami Silva

One of the best things about my job is that I get to work with incredibly talented plant & home decor peeps. I thought you might want to get a chance to meet them too, so I'm launching our brand ambassador series - a series of blog posts with a spotlight on each of our brand ambassadors. First off we have Arami Silva from @madrehandmade. Keep reading to learn the best plant styling tips, where Arami finds inspiration when designing her beautiful home, and what her spirit plant is.

Hi Arami, thanks for joining! Tell us a bit about you:)

My name is Arami, which means “Little Sky” in a native language call Guaraní. I was born and raised in Paraguay, South America. I immigrated to America in my early twenties after marrying to my Brazilian/American husband. We have three beautiful children. Homemaking brings me so much joy. I love simple DIYS, decorating our home with lots of plants, with handmade items such as pottery, macramé, arts and second hand items. I try to mix old and new when “decorating”. I believe one can have a beautiful home without expending excessive amount of money or falling in the temptation of acquiring all the trends there are. Your home should be a reflection of what brings you and your loved ones joy, peace and inspiration.

Where do you go to for inspiration when styling your home?

We often go to trips to our local library with our kids and while they get their books, I get countless books about home décor, plant care, plants styling, traveling and cooking. Our travels throughout the world have also inspired me in my home styling. Places such as Rome, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, and Jerusalem have made a tremendous impact in my home esthetics. I also use social media as source of inspiration. I have found incredible people on IG and on Pinterest. It’s amazing that those platforms can expose and connect you with diversity of styles and cultures.


What’s your favorite plant styling or plant care hack?

I love grouping my plants in different layers and heights by using stools, hanging planters, and even books. I also like using second hand items as planters and propagation vessels: vintage vessels, glass, baskets and pottery. Such items give a unique vibe to your plant styling.


What’s something you wish someone would have told you before you started growing plants?

Always use pots with a drainage hole. I have killed many plants by overwatering them. I’ve learned that checking on my plants often and literally sticking my fingers on the top 2 inches of the soil is a more effective way of assessing if my plants are thirsty than having a strict watering schedule.


What’s your spirit plant and why? This is a hard question because I love so many types of plants. But since I have to pick one, I will go with monstera deliciosa. I purchased my first monstera approximately four years ago. It was a small, discounted in price one because it had a few damaged leaves. The same monstera is now almost as tall as me. I repotted her multiple times because she keeps growing. She is healthy and vibrant in color. She is absolutely gorgeous. She gave me the confidence to start caring for more plants


Make sure to follow Arami for gorgeous plant & styling tips and inspo on her IG account @madrehandmade

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