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Ambassador series: Cheryl @themodernmonstera

Ambassador series: Cheryl @themodernmonstera

For this week's brand ambassador series, we got a chance to speak to one of our favorite plant stylists on IG - Cheryl @themodernmostera. We had the best time learning more about Cheryl's styling & care tips, and hope you do too:)

Hi Cheryl, thanks for joining us today! Tell us a bit about you:)
My name is Cheryl and I am a Plant Stylist and owner of The Modern Monstera. I host virtual workshops for new and experienced plant parents, offer plant rehab and plant refresh services and post plant care information on my Instagram account (@themodernmostera). I am a plant lover but also a maker so I do enjoy creating things and working with my hands.

plant shelf

Where do you go to for inspiration when styling your home?
I love visiting nurseries to browse through different varieties of plants. I also really enjoy observing plants in nature which also helps understand their care requirements and what they look like in mature form. I do admire and get inspiration from people's home that are very small but still adorned with plants because they tend to be more creative on how to utilize their space.


What’s your favorite plant styling or plant care hack?
Faking the height. I love to use books, stools, cake stands, upside down pots to create a variety of heights to create more dimension.

plant corner

What’s something you wish someone would have told you before you started growing plants?
There is such thing is too much light for some plants. My first plant was a Monstera Deliciosa which I had left in the car in the middle of a hot summer, and it got scorched so badly.

What’s your spirit plant and why?
I think my spirit plant is my Monstera Thai Constellation. I seem to have really good luck with them as well as clients' plants which is why I get asked to rehab so many of them.

Make sure to follow @themodernmonstera for plant care and styling tips and workshops, and you can also download the propagation guide we created together here.

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