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Creating A Sense Of Place

April 19, 2017

Creating A Sense Of Place

Five Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home

Have you ever walked into a house and felt at home? Maybe you saw an image of a living room on Pinterest or a bedroom photo in a design book that almost looked as though it were greeting you? Some spaces do that, and creating that warm sense of home is completely attainable weather you're a new home owner or have been living in your house for a long time.

If your house is lacking that sense of place you crave, here are five things you can do to easily create a home you love to be in that feels like you.

1. Plants

Five ways to turn your house into a home

Clockwise from top left: Brass Planter // Medium Black Planter // Cheese plant // Plant Hangers

You've seen them in photos in every room from the living room to the bathroom, especially the large almost tree-like houseplants, but I'd like to make a case for the smaller more humble houseplant. These tend to be overlooked but really contribute a layered feeling to your home and help it seem like you didn't just move in. Try buying a couple of semi mature houseplants and scattering them in different places in mismatched planters - on a shelf, hung from the wall, atop a stack of books - wherever they have access to some natural light that isn't too harsh. A collection of houseplants thoughtfully placed throughout your home is like having those perfect smaller accessories that are usually collected over time, kind of like the difference between a small family photo tacked or framed on your wall as opposed to a sofa or armchair - which one gives that 'lived in' feeling?

2. Art in the bedroom

Art In The Bedroom

Clockwise from top left: Simple Wall Hanging // Small Gallery Wall // Small Art // Modern Bedroom Art

For most people, the bedroom is the last room to tackle. Unfortunately, we tend to put ourselves last, and since this room isn't meant for all guests we can often get away with just making the bed. Hanging art is such an easy fix for an overlooked bedroom. There is something so considered about hung art, especially when it's a small piece. Like an intentional gesture, soft spoken yet confident, it's the period at the end of a sentence.

3. Cozy throws 

Blankets and Throws

Clockwise from top left: Casual throw // Ocean inspired throw // Hard and soft // effortless throw

After a long day at work, entering a home with the perfect throw or chunky knit blanket is like a warm hug. The secret to the cozy feel is not folding it (bonus points!) but casually throwing it loosely over a sofa, atop a hard wood chair to balance it out, or your bed.

Your welcome. 

4. Wood Accents

Wood Accents

Clockwise from top left: Wood Tray // Coffee Table // Bowls // Cutting Boards

Wood pieces have a story to tell. They add a timeless depth that only natural elements can. Carefully choose wooden accents around your home for the perfect mix of minimalistic and warm.

5. Something you made yourself

So much has been said about the DIY movement. Whether you are a skilled maker or a complete novice, there are so many beautiful ideas around the web for handmade home accents. Even if it's just something small, making something for your home adds a certain thoughtfulness and strengthens the bond between a home and the person living in it.


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