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3 unique ideas for hanging planters indoors

3 unique ideas for hanging planters indoors

Hanging plants indoors is one of our all-time favorite ways to style plants at home. They have this magical ability to create a beautiful, calming atmosphere, using very little effort and taking up zero floor space. 

If you’ve been meaning to hang your plants but are a little bit worried about the logistics of it all, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ve round up our favorite ideas for hanging planters indoors. These gorgeous, handcrafted indoor hanging pots are designed to help you hang and water your favorite trailing plants with ease. Beautiful, hassle-free indoor oasis, here you come:)

Our top three indoor hanging planters 

wall hanging planter

Wall plant hanger

Wall hanging planters

A classic twist on the traditional macrame hangers, these plant hangers are designed to help you take your plant out easily when it needs watering.

Since we know watering hanging planters is super tricky, we took this a step further. we designed a self watering planter to go perfectly with your plant hanger. The self watering planters come with a drainage hole, making sure the water doesn’t get stuck in the bottom of the planter (avoiding root rot, woohoo!), and the excess water goes into a separate saucer placed beneath the planter- instead of dripping all over the carper. Our unique wall hanging planters come in four different color strings, and you can find our modern hanging planters RIGHT HERE.

ceiling hanging planter

Ceiling hanging planter

Ceiling hanging planters

If you love the idea of ceiling plants but haven’t found a ceiling planter to match your clean aesthetic, this one’s for you. Our thoughtful, modern ceiling planters will help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of. And if you’ve been looking for a hanging planter with a drainage tray you’ll be happy to hear that, just like with our wall hanging planters, all our ceiling planters come with a drainage hole and saucer beneath the planter, keeping all the excess water from dripping. 

Our ceiling planters also come with a unique adjustable feature, which means you can adjust the length of the hanger to match your space. The newest addition to these indoor hanging planters is a handcrafted ceiling hook- completing the elegant, aesthetically pleasing look. You can find all our ceiling planters right here. 

Mini hanging planters

But wait, what about your favorite smaller plants? We think they deserve a chance to shine too, and with our hanging mini planter, they’re bound to steal the show. Just like with our regular size hanging planters, our mini hanging planters come with a drainage hole and a smart self watering planter. You can pair our mini hangers with our round mini planter Ella or our cylinder mini planter Maia. You can find them both here.

Common questions we receive about hanging planters:

Do hanging planters need drainage holes?

Yes! All planters should have a drainage hole. A lot of planters and plant pots were not created with your plant’s needs in mind. When you plant your plant in a planter that doesn’t have a drainage hole, you’re setting it up for failure. A drainage hole makes sure that when you water your plant, the excess water does not stay in the planter (which creates root rot, which equals very sad plants). When we designed our planters, we made sure that won’t happen to your plants, so all our planters have drainage holes. 

Click to check them out!


self watering planter

What kind of pots are best for hanging plants?

The best pots for hanging plants are self watering planters with a drainage hole and a built-in self watering system.

 Our self watering planters are perfect for hanging plants for a number of reasons:

  1. They have a drainage hole, making sure water doesn’t get stuck in the roots and avoiding root rot.

  2. Our self watering planters have a separate saucer for excess water. Once the water goes down the drainage hole, it settles in the separate saucer until your plant is thirsty again. This makes sure that when you water, the excess water doesn’t spill all over your carpet or floor- a common problem when watering hanging planters.

  3. The self watering mechanism- once the plant is thirsty, it draws the water from the saucer using a special placed between the saucer and the pot. This makes it super easy for your to take care of your plant, since it can hydrate itself if you’re being a bit forgetful:)

  4. The saucer placed underneath the planter allows you to water your plant from the bottom- it’s easier to reach and you can water your hanging planter without taking it out. 

hanging planter
What do you put in the bottom of a hanging planter?

Like we mentioned, one of the biggest problems with hanging planters is that water drips from the planter and onto the floor or carpet every time you try to water it, making a huge mess. We thought about that when we designed our hanging planter, and our design includes the special saucer placed underneath the planter- already incorporated into the design.

Have any other questions about hanging planters? Shoot us an email to hello@loopliving.co

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